Oliver Hope: Junior Detective

Oliver Hope is a your average ten year old boy, half way through his final year at Brental Road Primary. However, when a friend is accused of something terrible, Oliver attempts to find out the real truth to save both his friend and friendship.


1. Prologue


Apart from the regular ticking echoing from the clock, the classroom was silent. Twenty minutes earlier the children had finished their literacy lesson and left the classroom, bellies eagerly anticipating Friday's hot school dinner. The teacher, Mrs Jackson, continued with her usual dinner time routine; firstly putting her tablet computer on to charge, then grabbing a handful of books to mark, before turning off the light and closing the door.

As Mrs Jackson and the rest of the staff sat downstairs eating their lunches the heavy door to classroom 6J creaked open. While the cold, wet winter outside darkened the sky there was still enough light in the classroom to move about comfortably. The door clicked shut. Thirty-four seconds later it opened again, causing a chilling draft to waft into the classroom, past the whiteboard, under the front row of tables, above the sink and finally to the black leather handbag belonging to Mrs Jackson; a handbag that was now missing its matching purse.

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