Captured Silence

Violet always heard stories about kidnapping's. But just like anybody else they were just "stories" and you never really expect anything like that to happen. But Violet made a mistake in not being cautious, this part of town isn't the safest and she should have been more careful. Because someone wants her and is relentless in his desires. Violet Bloom has gone missing now, but will this kidnapping be as bad as she thinks? Does her kidnapper have a hidden side that is revealed in the dark?


3. Wide awake



     I wake up to the sound of Meg yelling outside the bathroom door. 

"Violet! Hellooo? I gotta pee so bad and your obviously in there, open the door already!" 

I get up slowly and walk over to the door, unlocking it but not coming out. Meg is standing there looking tired antsy doing the potty dance.

"Come out so I can go in." Meg says.

"No, just come in we need to talk." I say opening the door wide enough for her to come in.

"Fine, alright." 

"Somethings going on Meg. I don't know what it is but I don't know if I can leave this bathroom without you." I say sliding down to the floor as she pee's.

"Oh come on what do you mean?" She asks, now washing her hands.

"While you were gone...while you were gone someone was here other than me. I think it was the same man who I saw the other night. But this time he was closer. I didn't actually see him but I did hear someone and I saw a shadow." I say, curling up even tighter against the wall.

Shivers run through me as I think about it. Im so terrified.

"Violet, I thought we talked about this." Meg replies sitting across from me.

"No, Meg you don't understand that this isn't just something I might have seen because I was tired. I need you to take me seriously, please Im so scared right now." I say feeling tears well up behind my eyes.

"Ok, ok. Explain then."

And then I told her everything. From the time she left to the time she was back at the bathroom door.

"Oh my god." She finally says.

"Do you believe me?" I ask.

"Well, I guess i don't have much of a choice do I?" She says.


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