Captured Silence

Violet always heard stories about kidnapping's. But just like anybody else they were just "stories" and you never really expect anything like that to happen. But Violet made a mistake in not being cautious, this part of town isn't the safest and she should have been more careful. Because someone wants her and is relentless in his desires. Violet Bloom has gone missing now, but will this kidnapping be as bad as she thinks? Does her kidnapper have a hidden side that is revealed in the dark?


1. Somebody watching



     Dear Diary, 

         Its Violet again. I feel sorta stupid writing in this thing, its so stereotypical-teenage-girl of me. But oh well. Anyway's I'm visiting Meg in the Springs tomorrow and I have a feeling we are going to have so much fun! I'm really excited about this. Ever since Meg moved I have wanted to visit her and she says living in the Springs is so great. 

      I also turned 16 today. Whoop, Whoop! Lizzie made me a cake and then we went to the premier of "Kidnapped in Kansas." It was a good movie but it seems like those kidnapping story lines are so unrealistic. I mean kidnapping's only happen in big cities or very rarely in smaller towns. I don't know. 

     I should go to sleep, Its like 11:45 and I have a whole day's drive to the Springs tomorrow! Excited.!.!.!  Night. xx






     I woke up to the smell of coffee and soap. I glanced over at the clock. 7:05. I woke up just in time. 

     I climb out of my warm bed sheets and run into the kitchen, bare foot and pantless. I honestly don't ever wear pants to bed and I just live with my big sister so she's used to it anyway.

     "Did you make coffee, Lizzie?" I ask rubbing my eyes.

     "Yea can't you smell it?" She replies pulling out the box of honey nut cherios.

     "Why can't we ever buy any actually good cereal? I always end up eating that crap." I say jumping up on the counter with my cup of joe.

     "We can't live on junk food. I mean I would love it if you could support me on this because it makes my choice's on my diet sooo much easier." She replies raising her eyebrows at me.

     I don't understand the whole "diet" thing. Im young, she's young, we should eat the junkiest food we can while we still don't put on weight. I guess it's not really a problem for me though in particular because I'm either starving or totally un-interested in food. 

"Whatever." I finally say.

"I need to go get ready anyway so I'll pass on the oh so appetizing cherios." I say hopping off the counter and skipping to the bathroom.


     After taking a shower and putting on makeup I slip into some black skinny jeans, a gray tank top and some converse. Before I slip out the door I look in the mirror. I never liked my appearance. I have long brown hair, light tan skin and blue eyes. Nothing special and nothing, by any means, to look at with googly eyes.


     "Im headed out Lizzie, I will see you in a week I guess." I say from across the room by the door. Lizzie, is as always on the phone with her boyfriend bryon. She waves and smiles and then paces back to her bedroom, indicting that that was her goodbye.

     I roll my eyes and climb into the car to start the long drive to the Springs.

     5 hours quickly go by, listening to music and every hour buying a Starbucks. I swear by the time I drive there and back I will have spent a couple hundred bucks just on that. By the time I pull up to Meg's apartment its 6:00 pm and Im exhausted. 

     Meg's apartment building is new and modern with lighting along the walkways and rose bushes in the front. I don't have any idea how she has aforded this but its the bomb diggity already.

     The Springs seems great so far, I drove past a new mall, a couple of awesome restraunts and a few fancy neighborhoods. 

     I get out of my car and gather my suitcase. Walking up to the entrance of the complex I see Meg.

     "Hey Loser!!" I yell, dropping my bags and running at her.

Meg turns around quick and sees me. We end up hugging and screaming for a minute and then head inside.  

When we get back to her place we heat up some pizza and chat it up on the sofa.

     "So tell me whats new with the Springs?" I ask, my mouth full and chewing.

"Its really weird to tell you the truth. I mean when I first moved here it all seemed great but after a week or two I realized its a little dangerous." She says looking down at her lap.

"Uh, what do you mean, dangerous? Is this some sorta joke?" I ask sitting up a little.

"No, Im not even kidding. Like it may look all fancy and posh but a lot of creepy stuff happens. In the time that I have been here 3 grocery stores have been robbed and a old man mugged." She says looking at me with worried eyes.

"Bu you've only been living here for 2 months. Thats crazy." I reply. This is really weird though. The Springs looks like it could be the safest town in Colorado. 

"Im moving back to Englewood, Violet." She says as she carries she empty box of pizza to the trashcan.

"Seriously? Its that bad?" I say getting up to look out the window.

"Im dead serious, Im freaked out to even leave the house. Im so done." She says.

Thats when I see something from the window. I lean in and look closer. Its some guy, he's standing about 30 yards away, wearing a hoodie. He wouldn't scare me as much if he wasn't looking directly into the window. At me.

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