Captured Silence

Violet always heard stories about kidnapping's. But just like anybody else they were just "stories" and you never really expect anything like that to happen. But Violet made a mistake in not being cautious, this part of town isn't the safest and she should have been more careful. Because someone wants her and is relentless in his desires. Violet Bloom has gone missing now, but will this kidnapping be as bad as she thinks? Does her kidnapper have a hidden side that is revealed in the dark?


2. Scared for once



     For once in my life I was scared. I mean stone cold shivers ran down my spine when I saw him. I probably wouldn't be as scared if Meg hadn't just been been talking about how scary this town was getting. 

    I stood there looking back at the man and even for a few seconds staring back into his eyes and then I closed the curtains and walked over to Meg in the kitchen. My heart rate was up and I couldn't help to be a little freaked out. 

    "Meg. Meg listen to me." I said holding her shoulders in front of me. She looked at me questionably.

"There was a man standing outside looking at me." I say.

"Jesus, Violet! I said I was serious about this! This is such a sick joke!" She said throwing her hands up in the air.  

     I should have known this would come across as a joke. But it isn't one and I need her to see this. Maybe I'm just overreacting because of what Meg was telling me about the Springs. Or maybe not.

"Meg this isn't a freaking joke I swear! Come here, look outside your window." I say leading her over to the window and pulling back the curtains.

     I pulled away the curtain to show Meg and of course there was nothing but an empty parking lot. The dim lit light post flickered in the street and I could feel how stupid I must seem.

"Violet" She said turning around looking at me.

"There's nobody out there. Your imagination is so easily pricked. I can tell you a few things about how weird the Springs are and you freak out the next second." Meg says now with her hands on my shoulders and her back facing the window.

     Maybe she is right. I just got here and I start seeing things. Im just tired and need a few zzz's. That's when I glance back out the window to see the man standing a few yards closer behind a tree, his head turned looking in at me form the dark.

"Oh my god, Meg turn around!!" I scream pushing her around and facing the window.

     "Violet, go get in my bed! I don't see anything there! You are obviously way tired right now." Meg says as I stare out the window, where the man is no longer standing.

      "Meg I promise im not crazy I literally just saw him behind that tree!" I say pointing.

     I can't even believe this right now. He was there and now he's gone. Oh god Im so freaked out. I quickly push the curtains closed and run over to the couch to sit down. I dont remember ever being this weird  before. But there was something about that man that has me really shook me up. 

     I know what I saw but maybe i'm just jumping to conclusions you know? I mean maybe it was just some guy who lives around here and happened to be looking in the window at me. I'm sure Meg is right. I really tired and need some sleep, and tomorrow when I wake up I will probably realize how stupid this all was.

     "Meg, look i'm sorry. I'm going to go to bed I guess I will see you in the morning." I say getting up and hugging her on my way to the bedroom. 

     "Hey, Its fine. We're like sisters and I know you like the back of my hand. You probably did see something but it wasn't what you think." Meg said as I stood by the bedroom door, fiddling with my fingers.

     "Love you." I reply looking up and grinning a little just for her.

     "Love you too." I hear as I shut the door behind me and fall into bed falling asleep instantly.


     I wake up to Meg snoring next to me, her arms sprawled across my torso and sheets in a ruffled pile in between us. Meg is just like me, a rough sleeper and as I knew from the very first of our sleep overs, she can't sleep in pants. 

     I ruff up her hair to try and wake her but as usual my attempt is unsuccessful.  So I stand up in bed and start jumping all over screaming.

"MEGAN MARIE MILLER, SURELY WANTS ME TO KILL HER, SHE WON'T GET UP, AND WON'T BEHAVE, AND HER DADDY'S IN THE SELLER!" I hear Meg groan a little and bat at my legs but she hasn't actaully woken up yet.

"MEGAN MARIE MILLER, HER DADDY'S IN THE SELLER, SHE HAS NO HEART, SHE HAS NO BRAIN, MEG IS SURLEY A KILLER!" Now I see Meg jump up on the bed and tackle me to the floor laughing. 

    This song always works on Meg. We made it up on one of our third-in-a-row sleepovers when Meg woke up screaming about a bad dream, where her dad was in a seller and she couldn't save him because she was ashamed for killing someone. It was really gory and freaky for a 7 year old to dream about but at the time we thought to make a song and joke about it.

     Ever since I have used that song to get her to wake up and it always works.

"You're so mean, meany." Meg say's rolling on the floor.

"Tooshè" I reply.

"What's for breakfast? Please don't tell me its cherrios because Lizzie won't buy anything BUT them and I need some actually breakfast food, like pancakes or eggs." I say helping Meg off the floor and heading to the kitchen. 

     "I think we should go out to that breakfast place on Broadsworth Rd. I have eaten there before and their blueberry muffins are the bomb diggity." Meg says.

"Ok sounds awesome. Then I guess I should change huh?" I say in reply, looking down at yesterdays clothes.

"Uh yea, and I will have too as well."She said. 


Within 15 minutes we were ready to go. Meg came out wearing skinny jeans, combat boots and a plaid button down, while I was in the black skinny jeans, a band t-shirt and some converse. Both of us, makeup as always.

As we drove through town I thought about last night. I don't know what to believe, was I just delerius or did I actually see something weird. The guy seemed young though, tight black skinny jeans and a black hoodie covering his face, but it was the way he stood there and everything. It wasn't, normal. 

     We drove up the breakfast place at around 8:30 and got out, walking inside. It was called the "Bistro." It was nice and clean but nothing extraordinary. 

    Me and Meg ordered chocolate chip pancakes and sat down at a corner booth by a window. The whole place was empty except for staff and an old man in the corner with a news paper.

"Sooo, what are we going to do this visit?" I ask.

"Well, I have to work this afternoon and tomorrow as well as Friday. But next week I got off so we could probably plan movie marathon with a book fort and go all out." She replies.

"What should I do while you work?" I ask looking out the window.

"Well I will leave my car and key's with you so that you can go anywhere, but honestly you can do whatever. Tonight I will be back and then we can go see a movie if you want."

"Ok thats cool." 

     I came all this way and I only get to spend half the time with Meg. The rest I will probably end up watching the T.V. and driving aimlessly around the Springs. Plus to be completely honest I don't really want to be by myself after last night. I know I'm 16 and that I should be all mature but Im really not and last night is still floating around in the back of my head.

     Thats when our pancakes came and we pigged out. They were seriously good. As we headed back to the apartment, Meg told me that she takes the bus to work and she will be dropping me and the car off at the building. She works until 7:45 and then heads back on the 8:00 bus.

"We good?" She asks as she walks to the bus stop a couple of blocks away.

"Good." I reply. I'm really not okay with this. I don't want to be alone.

I walk back into the building and head up to the room. I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the day. I turn on the T.V. and huddle with blankets in the corner of the couch. I shouldn't be this scared right now, but I am.

A couple hours go by of watching re-runs of spongebob and I'm totally bored.  As I watch patrick call spongebob my eye's feel heavy. I slip further under the blankets and drift off into a mindless sleep. 

    When I wake up it's dark outside and Scooby-doo is playing quietly. My eyes are so heavy still I feel like I could just sleep forever. I sit up and turn up Scooby-doo. I look over at the clock, it reads 6:51.

    I get up and walk to the kitchen looking for something to eat. Opening the fridge I see nothing but a pudding cup and some bag of lettuce in the back. I pick the pudding, chocolate flavored and walk over to the table with my phone. 

     Instagram is so boring sometimes. It's like nobody ever goes anywhere or post's anything but pictures of there food. And finally I'm left to Pinterest. I trust Pinterest though. After scrolling through my home feed I find a few re-pinning worthy pictures, and finish my pudding. 

    For a minute I just sit at the table wondering if I should go back to sleep or watch a movie. Then I hear a noise. A long creak. Like you hear on old steps. I sit there, eye's wide open not daring to move a muscle. 

    Then there is silence. But here's the thing, we don't have wood floors in this apartment. So where is that noise coming from. I hear a scratching noise now. A distant scratching noise coming from a few feet away. Its like scratching against wood. I don't move. My mind flashes back to last night. The man standing there watching from the dark and my shivers run down my spine.

     I thought I left the T.V. playing. Then why is it stone cold silent in here? I slowly turn around to look at the T.V. in the corner. The screen is blank and dark. It's off. 

     The apartment is dark and only the dim kitchen light is on. Now my heart is beating harder and harder like a drum in my chest. I slowly stand up from the chair. The window is right in front of the table and I have avoided looking at it since last night. 

     I now have my back to the window and my lips are pursed with fright. Then I hear a slight, slow nocking from behind me. I stand there not moving a muscle and out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow from the kitchen light. 

     I bolt to the bathroom, my heart drumming in side my chest and my face hot with fear. I lock the bathroom door and I sit on the floor in the dark. My muscles are tense and I curl into a ball in the corner by the bathtub. Then I hear a quick, moving sound like fabric fluttering away and brushing against the door. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to block out the silence of the bathroom and the darkness around me. Thats when I drift off again.

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