Too Ugly For Pretty

When I write poetry its because it makes me feel better to turn something in my life that is a total mess into something which sounds pretty. But what do you do when something is that ugly that no words could ever make it sound pretty?


1. Too Ugly For Pretty

How do you make something sound pretty that's not?
I write poems when I'm sick of my lot
It makes me feel better to make it sound sweet
When it's so far from sweet I'm this close to defeat.
But what about something so ugly it hurts?
That nothing could make sound sweet, there's no words
Just an ugly reality when you can't cope
That invades your thoughts and swallows your hope.
Like the black hole in space that pulls planets in
Like hell if you've done all seven deadly sins
Like the happiness sucking dementors kiss
But a million times worse and it never gives in.
Like craving and disgust for the very same thing
A parasite soothing and eating your skin
I have no words to convey what this is
It's far too ugly for any of this.
So I don't try anymore and I let it live on
A beast in my head that has been there so long
Too ugly for words and for rhythm and rhyme
That I tried and utterly failed to describe.

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