My Saviour

Rebecca lives her life in fear. Why? Because her boyfriend, Damon, beats her. She is abused daily and no one knows. She can't leave him, scared of what he'll do to her if she does. Will anybody come to Rebecca's rescue?

(One Direction Fan Fiction. They are not famous in this story.)


4. 4. Sunday

Sunday. My only day of freedom. 

I opened my eyes and stretched my legs and arms, quickly regretting it. My stomach felt like it was attacking itself. I propped myself up on my elbows, and pushed myself from there, wincing the whole way. I walked/hobbled to the bathroom attached to my room. I entered the bathroom, and prepared to assess the damage. I rested on the counter and leaned in to the mirror to look at my cheek. The mark from Friday had faded, but ached when I touched it. 
At least it can be easily covered up. I sighed. 

I took a step back  to look at my stomach. I shut my eyes and slowly lifted my shirt. When I opened them I gasped, and quickly put my hand over my mouth. There was a huge, deep purple mark just off to the left side. Damon had hurt me pretty bad in the past, but it was getting worse. He used to just verbally abuse me, calling me useless, ugly, and other things that absolutely disgusted me. But now he hurts me almost daily, punching, kicking, and sometimes scratching me. 

I held back tears as I pulled my shirt back over my body. I decided to turn on the bathtub. I ran the hot water and added some soap. I grabbed two towels and some clean clothes. I guessed this would probably be a lazy day, as my Sundays usually were, so I grabbed some sweatpants and a tank top. I laid them all neatly on the floor, and began carefully stripping off my pajamas, tossing them in my laundry basket. I avoided looking at the disgusting bruise on my body, and slowly eased into the hot water. 


I got out, carefully wrapping my body in one towel, and my hair in the other. I sighed, feeling better now that I'd relaxed myself. I dried off, changed, and took my hair down. I brushed through the brown, tangled mess, leaving it down to dry. I thoroughly applied some concealer to my cheek, checking several times that you couldn't see the bruise from any angle. I'd gotten pretty good at covering up marks though. Then I went downstairs.


My parents weren't home, as usual. I sighed. They work a lot, so my brother and I hardly ever see them. I miss them, and I can tell he does too, even if he tries not to show it. I sighed again. That's just how it is here, and I have to accept that. I can't complain. We have a beautiful house, and we can pretty much buy whatever we want. We get anything we want, but sometimes it just feels like there's something missing. 


I shook my head, attempting to erase the thoughts from my mind. I went into the kitchen and got a bowl of cereal. 


I walked into the living room to see my twin brother, Kayden, watching tv. His hair was all messy, and he was still in his pyjamas, which were boxers and a muscle shirt. It didn't look like he was going anywhere today either.  I sat down beside him, munching on my cereal. Kayden was the only family I actually ever saw. We were best friends, and could tell each other anything. 


Now, I know what you're thinking. Why hasn't Kayden beaten Damon to a pulp for hurting his sister? Well, the truth is, he doesn't even know I'm dating Damon. Damon always insists on me going to his house, and though I've had some difficulty hiding it, it's possible. 


It's not like Kayden couldn't beat Damon up if I asked him to. He's stronger than him, and would do anything for me, no questions asked. But I still don't plan on telling him we're dating. It's just that, I'm scared to tell anyone what he does to me.  He's threatened me before not to say anything to anyone. Nobody but Damon and I know what's going on. And I'd like to keep it that way.


I let everything just fade from my mind as I enjoyed my one day off of everything.


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