Happy Birthday

When a party for a wealthy family’s ten year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead, her older sister missing, and the father refusing to call the police, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. She finds herself at the site of the crime – a rented out old mansion – without any trace of memory. It’s the landlady who tells her that she is a private investigator who’s been hired to catch the culprit and bring them to justice.

But how can she solve a murder when she can’t even deduce her own name? Was it one of the party goers who did the young guest of honor in? …Or was it the ghost said to wander the haunted halls? Can she manage to find the missing girl before another tragedy takes place?

…And will she be able to sleuth out her own memories and the meaning behind their disappearance at the same time?

Based on a game by DawnSeeker Studio 2012/TearsOfNightFall


3. Scene

Right next to our Detective there is something. Just right next to the stairwell.

Detective: (... What's this? An extra bullet?....There are a few traces of blood, but certainly not enough for it to have gone trough a body.....It's also completely on the opposite side of the hallway from the rest of the blood, too. How odd...)

The detective then moved along, to the end of the hallway where she could see, right in front of her, a pretty large rusty window, to her left a bathroom, and to her right a closet. There are three people around. A young woman that is dressed in sort of a maid outfit. A tense looking man and a old man that is looking at the closet and crying. The detective, first of all tries to fit in the situation and proceeds to talk to each of the persons in the room. She tries the girl first.

Sobbing Girl: Anna....I'm sorry Anna...!

Detective: Hello miss? I'm the detective, can I ask you a few questions?

Sobbing Girl: It's my fault...! I'm the nanny! I was supposed to be watching over them! If I'd been doing my job instead of drinking with the others this would've never happened!

Detective: You can still help, miss. Anything you can tell me is important.

Our detective then starts to ask multiple questions that might give her clues about what happened.

Detective: What was it like taking care of the two sisters? What kind of kids were they?

Nanny: Don't talk about her sister as thought she's dead already!! I'm still her nanny! she sobs and continues, they were great kids , both of them. Anna was very mild and sweet, if perhaps just a tad spoiled. That was only because we all loved her so.... Her older sister was a bit more reserved... She was always so bright and energetic... Until...

Detective: Until....?

Nanny: Nothing... she says and sobs again.

Detective: ...

Nanny: That poor girl... What happened to her sister is going to destroy her.

Detective: (On to the next one then...). What do you know about what happened to the poor girl?

Nanny: Nothing that my mind will let me repeat.... Oh Lord... she says as she sobs again and continues, we found her in that closet by the sitting area... It... Looks like she was dragged. Anna.....

Detective: ( Hmph... She means that closet over there...?)

Nanny: I never... saw much of her sister doing the party. I put them both to bed at 9PM, like I always do at home, but that was about it.... I truly regret that now.

Detective: Where were they sleeping?

Nanny: First bedroom along the hall here.... What could've happened? The incident... It... was only 20 minutes after I left them.

Detective: (The first bedroom, huh... Maybe I should check that out when I'm done here..)

The detective decides to move to the tense looking man first, but just a few meters away from her, there's something on the floor. Evidence, most likely... So she moves there first before proceeding with the other people.

Detective: (Well look what we have here - a handgun. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that this is the murderer weapon. At least the witnesses were smart enough not to touch it..... Now to USE BALLISTICS TO CONFIRM IT AND CHECK FOR FINGERPRINTS!!..... If I'm a detective I must have some forensics stuff on me somewhere....)

She searches for a couple of minutes but finds nothing.

Detective: ( ..... I sure can't find any... Oh come on what kind of detective am I? A pretty poor one apparently.. damn... Well, I'll work with what I have. says and picks up the handgun, sighing in disappointment now I wonder who this might belong to...)

Our lovely detective then heads for the tense looking man, at last.

Tense Man: ... Christ...

Detective: Sir? Can I ask you a few questions about what happened here? I'm the detective.

Tense Man: Oh...Sure. Of course. I'm the poor gal's uncle....Lord... Hard to believe she's...Yeah....

Detective: Can you tell me what happened here? What killed the poor child?

Uncle: he grunts and then says You asked the right person.. I'm the only one here who's paid the body more than a glance. I wrapped blankets around her.. No one else had the guts, he then continues, she was shot three times:

Once in her left leg,

Once in her right shoulder,

And finally, once in her head.

Uncle: There was a gunpowder burn on the last one, so it was a close range shot. 

Detective: I... see.

Uncle: I used to be a cop. I've seen more than my share of corpses, and I've done it without batting an eyelash, but this...... he then looks down.

Detective: ( On to the next one then...). I heard that the older sister is missing, as well. Is this true?

Uncle: Yes, we've heard her scream too. We've searched high and low, but there's no sign of her.... Find her would you?

Detective: Of course...

The detective then wanted to proceed to the old man, finally. She will examine the blood marks on the floor later, as she wants to hurry with the questions to find more information.

Sobbing Man: Oh Anna...! My sweet Anna!...This c-can't possibly... 

Detective: E-Excuse me..sir?

Sobbing Man: ...Who're you?! Can't you leave a tormented father alone?!

Detective: (Ah, the victim's father!) I'm sorry sir, terribly sorry for your loss, but I'm the detective hired to find the killer... Is there anything you can tell me about the victim?

The father pauses for a moment and turns to her.

Father: De...tect..ive?

Detective: Yes sir - I was hired. . . . Sir?

Father: ...My Annabell ... She was ten years old today.... So beautiful and young so perfect.. I don't.... I don't understand how anyone could hurt my girls...

Detective: I know sir, I don't understand it either. But I'm here to help find out, so please tell me everything you know.

Father: ... I was talking with the guests downstairs in the main lobby when I suddenly heard gunshots , and then both of my babies scream... I ran up here ... and... it was the worst moment of my life... Please find out who did this and find my oldest daughter before I lose her ,too....

Detective... I'm sorry to ask sir, but what can you tell me about what happened? What killed your little girl?

Father: I can't... If you want to know more talk to my brother... I'm sorry...

Detective: What about the girl's mother? Is she around?

Father: ... I'm pretty sure my Anna's with her now... My wife passed away years ago.

Detective: Ah... I'm sorry! ( I don't want to stress him out too much... But maybe he knows something of the evidence I've got so far... I wonder....)

Father: Ah...! That's.... Wait,... That isn't .... that isn't what killed my little Anna, is it?

Detective: It's hard to say without a... the detective raises her tone for a second and coughs .... FORENSIC EXAMINATION, but yes, the possibility appears high.

Father: It's.... that's my gun..... Oh Dear Lord, this can't....!

Detective: Sir, please try and calm down... Where did you keep this gun?

Father: It was in my suitcase... Just in my suitcase... I should have listened to her late mother and got rid of it! Take it away, I never want to see that thing again!

Detective: (I guess I shouldn't push his buttons anymore than I have.... I should leave him alone for now. Off to the crime scene then....)






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