suicidal silence is golden

Danielle, 17 years old. Meets kellin. Kellin Quinn. What will happen?
(Not romantic)
Triggering content to suicidal/self harmers/ and or anorexic people.
Please tell me what you think


14. the phone

"Its not ok.  I'm a freak. I can't believe you saw that.... kellin and Vic and now you! You all get to see my worst quality. I'm so"

"DANIELLE! STOP!" Andy was shaking my shoulders.

"he's right Danny."

"I don't understand how you can like me... I don't even like me."

"Vic, Andy and I are your friends. Here."

He handed me a box.

"What's this" I said frowning at the thought of him buying me something.

"Just open the damn package danny" he said smiling.

"Fine!!! Pushy" I said under my breath. 

I opened it. 

Oh. My. Fucking. Hell. Almighty.

"Danielle! Language!" 

"Oops I said that out loud?" 

"You do that a lot actually"

"Why did you get me this its way to expensive.." 

"Look on it."

I unlock the screen and look at it. I go to contacts and see 7 names programmed in.


Ashley is purdy ;)

Andy bear XD

Taco man (Vic)

Kellin is sexy ;D

Oli bear 

Hannah snow>,>



"Holy mother of Jesus. You guys are fucking awesome! Where is jinx, Ashley, oli, Vic, and Hannah?"


"HANNAH!!!! Oh my gosh I haven't seen you since I was like 14!!!!"

"DANNY! how's the tat?"

"Perfect as always!"

We looked around to see the boys having confused looks on their faces. 

"Guys. Hannah is my sister."

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