suicidal silence is golden

Danielle, 17 years old. Meets kellin. Kellin Quinn. What will happen?
(Not romantic)
Triggering content to suicidal/self harmers/ and or anorexic people.
Please tell me what you think


15. the news

"Guys. Hannah is my sister."

"Huh?" They all said the same time.

"Ha yup Danielle is my lil sis! We have matching tattoos and even had the same last name before she got adopted into that horrible family"

"Why didn't you come back for me?" I said looking at the floor.

"they cut off all of the ways to commuincate with you! They deleted your email and cut off the phone they moved houses out of state and changed their names! "

"Oh.. um can we talk later?"

"Sure hun"


H= Hannah D= Danielle

D: hey hann how's life??

H: hey sis good!!! You? How's the arms are you like on a clean streak or what?

D: ummmm no..... I did that's night.... 

H: Danny no!! 

D: I'm sorry!! I couldn't help it I needed it! I was disowned I mean I wasn't exactly going to feel perfect about it!

H: I know I know I'm sorry how many times have you tried you know ''

D: 14

H: danny! Why? 

D: I thought you hated me I thought I was alone and kellin found out I thought he would hate me 

H: what does your tattoo say just remind me?

D: sisters forever together til death do us part

H: and I wasn't lying.

D: I know. I won't try again I promise

H: good well Oli and I are going to bed night sissy!!! :*

D: have funnnmnn ;)

* end*




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