suicidal silence is golden

Danielle, 17 years old. Meets kellin. Kellin Quinn. What will happen?
(Not romantic)
Triggering content to suicidal/self harmers/ and or anorexic people.
Please tell me what you think


5. really

 I just curled up even more. "No no no you don't mean that no one cares no one wants me" I whisper cried. "Danielle look at me!!!" I slowly looked up. "You are staying with me. No questions we are leaving right now to get your things so get up and get your hoodie." He said firmly. "OK" I got up walked over and got my hoodie and put it on. Helped out the door and called " come on! Let's get this over with!" I walked behind him. As we drove to 'the house' he asked me questions. 

k= kellin d=Danielle 

K: what's your favorite song? 

D: roger rabbit 

K: awhh that's sweet! Favorite movie? 

D: robots

k: favorite food? 

D: umm. I don't know.

K: danielle your not starving yourself. 

D: of course I'm not! (Lie)

K: don't lie. 

I just remained silent after that.

 *turns into driveway* 

K: do you want me to go in too?

D: yeah

We walked in and walked my room. I forgot to put away my journal... all of the things you said! Everything was there!

K: danielle what's this? 

D: um nothing *grabs it from him*

I slowly picked up the things I needed. All of my hoodies my band shirts. My autograph kellin gave me 4 years ago at a concert. He smiled at me when he saw it. I had it framed and our picture next to it. 'Dear Danielle. Never doubt how amazing you are, all of the doubters in your mind are the only king holding back. Stay happy and safe , kellin.'

I safely put it in my bag next to the journal. I went to my dresser and in the top drawer are my box of blades. I take it and put it in my bag making sure its not on top of the frame so it doesn't break. Then I went to my other journal. The one I write things to myself in. All of my thoughts about me. Old suicide letters that were never finished, pages that I wrote after days without food. I walked over to kellin and said "kellin. This is the only thing I don't want with me. I want you to have it. I want you to read about me and see who I really am. If I'm going to be living with you, you need to know me. The real me behind the scenes. Don't throw this away or rip it." He nodded. I had everything so I walked out. I walked to the car and waited for kellin who came out a couple minutes later with my notebook in his hand and something else. What was it?




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