suicidal silence is golden

Danielle, 17 years old. Meets kellin. Kellin Quinn. What will happen?
(Not romantic)
Triggering content to suicidal/self harmers/ and or anorexic people.
Please tell me what you think


7. im sorry

He looks at me after I'm done reading. 

"When did you write this?" He said his voice hoarse.

"Last week." I said barely above a whisper. 

He walked over to me and dragged me to his room.  he walked over to his blade desk and points. "Danielle put it back." He said. "I'm not mad but put it back you aren't using it."

He was right.That's not my blade. I will just use mine.

I walk over and set it down. I look at him "I'm sorry kellin I didn't mean to."

"Its ok"

He walks with his hand in mine down one door in the hallway. My room I guessed. 

It was black. It had tons of posters and bed that had a BVB logo on it it was connected to the same bathroom that kellin had. Smart move I thought. 

He walks over to the computer in the corner and he motions for me to come over to him. He turns it on. The screensaver is the picture of him and I at the concert 4 years ago. 

"This is how I remembered you. You didn't tell me about you cuts but I saw them. Every person I meet that had scars would show me. I knew that you weren't in it for attention, you were genuine. You were real. I tried to find you but I couldn't. But then I found your Facebook page. Its showed where you went to school. And so I became Joe and went there. I'm sorry I never helped. But I did try. I tried to act like I liked you so all the other guys would but they never did. I'm sorry."

"Its fine. This means a lot thank you!"

"Oh and just a heads up Vic and the other members of PTV are coming over tonight" I Smiled



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