suicidal silence is golden

Danielle, 17 years old. Meets kellin. Kellin Quinn. What will happen?
(Not romantic)
Triggering content to suicidal/self harmers/ and or anorexic people.
Please tell me what you think


13. end of the notebook

About halfway through kellin reading my notebook I hid myself under my blanket. I must have fallen asleep because someone was telling me to wake up. The voice was familiar but unfamiliar at the same time. I peeked from under the covers. My eyes were as big as my head I swear. Andy biersack was like ten inches from my face. Fangirling is an understatement to what I was feeling. 

"Hi Danielle I'm Andy." 

"I-i know."

"Its OK you don't have to be nervous I'm just a normal person"

I laughed! 

"A normal person with fucking angel vocal cords and perfect face."

He laughed and looked down, my arm was sticking out from under my blanket.

I pulled back under the blanket and hid myself again.


"Please dont hate me...." was all I whispered.

"Hey hey come here give me a hug"

I hugged him and tried not to cry. 

"Its ok its OK its ok." He whispered in my ear.

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