When a boring old day in 221B turns into meeting old enemys will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case before its too late...? poor summary. I dont own Sherlock or any characters associated with BBC's Sherlock, They belong to the BBC.


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


Five minutes had passed since the young woman, who's name was still unknown, had entered the small flat. Sherlock and John had both been tacken aback by her sudden tears flowing now heavily down her face, However only John actually tried to be comforting to the woman whereas Sherlock had continued to stare at her as if his stares hurried the conversation along. Once she finally composed herself she dived into her thin handbag and pulled out a tissue and wiped her eyes softly before placing her shaking hands on her lap and silently thanked John for his time. Her bright blue eyes lifted and faced the pair before she took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "I need your help Mr Holmes." She stated simply before her gaze shifted from Sherlock to her bag and once again back at Sherlocks unwavering stare. "Tell me what you want from me and I will make that decision mrs.." Sherlock said as the womans eyes widened at his words. "Oh! Forgive me Mr Holmes! My name is Stacey McArthur and im here about my husban-"

"Ugh! John this is wasting our time... Obviously another marriage problems and judging by her posture its obvious that she supspects him off cheating and by the way her ring is scratched it shows us that she has removed it more recently and placed it down more often, Causing slight scratches. Also the way her head is slightly tilted to one side obviously from a pain in her neck shows us she has been sleeping on a sofa more but not a good sofa because she has dark rings around her eyes indicating her lack of sleep because she has been waiting for him to come every night but he hasn't has he, Stacey?"

"... How did you....?"

"I simply looked. Now on with the case."

"Oh god ok ok. My husband hasn't been home in days and I am really worried about him. I just need your help Mr Holmes in finding him. I know he recently got a new fri-"

"Bored. Goodbye Mrs McArthur." Sherlock interjected with a roll of the eyes gaining a glare from John. "Please continue Stacey, ignore Sherlock he gets very.... Whats the word..? Impatient." John said with a warm friendly smile. "Thank you Dr Watson"

"John please" 

"Ok, John. As I was saying he recently got a new friend who he says is just a friend he knew from school but I don't suspect as much. My husband never mentioned him and surely a close friend of many years like he claims the he is then they woukd of spoke, Wouldn't they? I mean I talk to my high school friends so why can't he?"

Sherlock shook his head. "Stacey please get to the point."

"Yes yes of course, Sorry. Um as I was saying my Husband, Mark, has only told me once what this so called friends name was once and I did my research and according to his schools databases no one with that name even attended the school!"

"And what is this mysterious man's name Stacey?"

"What was it again..... Oh yeah I remember!"

"And..?" Sherlock pressed, getting bored with having to repeat himself so often.

"His name was... Jim Moriarty."

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