When a boring old day in 221B turns into meeting old enemys will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case before its too late...? poor summary. I dont own Sherlock or any characters associated with BBC's Sherlock, They belong to the BBC.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three


"What did you say?" Sherlock mumbled before tilting his head upwards, eyes blazed with pure anger. "Jim um... Moriarty?" She questioned quietly confused by Sherlocks sudden anger. "Where... Is... He?" 

"Who Jim? Im not sure sorry." Stacey mumbled before allowing her gaze to settle on the floor. "Get out now." Sherlock announced and without a second thought stood up, Moved to the door and opened it for her to leave and gave Stacey a small shove towards the door. As soon as Stacey left the room, Sherlock slammed the door in her face to stop her from re entering the flat. "Sherlock?" John asked wearily as the Sherlock picked up his long coat and opened the door to the flat without hesitation which made john sigh in frustration of Sherlocks sudden movements and lack of communication to him. John shook his head as he grabbed his coat and moved towards the door and closed it behind him, walking quicker to catch up to Sherlock. Sherlock wasted no tine in hailing a cab for John but not him. "Sherlock? Aren't you coming?" John asked wearily as Sherlock shook his head. "I have business elsewhere. Go talk to Lestrade and find out everything you can." Sherlock looked at John before walking off down the street not waiting for a response, Leaving John to make the journey to New Scotland Yard alone.


Sherlock didn't bother looking back as he rounded the corner leaving john behind and got in the waiting limousine that could only belong to Mycroft Holmes. Mycroft was Sherlock's big brother and you could always trust Mycroft with going overboard and bringing only the best for any job. As Sherlock stepped into the car he didnt even have time to settle properly before the limousine started down the bustling London streets managing to make it to the abandoned warehouse Mycroft had chosen to meet Sherlock at this time without being noticed or bothered. Sherlock got out of the limousine with one of Mycroft's many assistant's and they started down the long windy halls until they came to a brightly light corridor that had obviously seen better days yet had managed to escape the damp the rest of the warehouse had allowed to grow due to neglect and old age. As Sherlock was walking he noticed that the woman next to him, Who had bright blonde hair and slightly tanned skin, Had stopped before they crossed the imaginary border line of clean and damp. "Apologies Mr Holmes, I'm not permitted any further. You will have to continue without me. Good luck Mr Holmes" she smiled sweetly as Sherlock nodded his head and continued walking, Not looking back at the woman who he knew had already left, The soft clicks of her shoes echoed loudly around the warehouse confirmed his suspicions. The noise faded away as sherlock reached a big door that was heavily guarded by Mycroft's men, As soon as Sherlock came into contact with the men they let him pass. Sherlock Holmes wasn't the type of man to take restriction well and the fact that his brother was the guards boss definatly made Sherlock have a advantage as he didn't have to under go any iritating security checks. As Sherlock passed through the door it Immediately sealed again, Like a vault that held the world biggest diamond inside, They couldn't risk anything getting out or in that shouldn't be there, After all this was a very important meeting with a government agent and Britain's best detective. Sherlock stood tall whilst Mycroft stood up and looked at his younger sibling and dived straight into business. "Sherlock, We have had reports that Moriarty has been seen."

"Really? Has he been seen with anyone?" Sherlock pressed, Obviously knew more about Moriarty that he was letting on. "A man, probably around late 30's. Why Sherlock?"

"No time. Where has he been seen Mycroft?!" Sherlock looked worried, A emotion Mycroft didn't know his brother had, And Mycroft gave Sherlock the address. Sherlock said his goodbyes and left quickly, Opting not to take the Limousine back to 221B, He had to look inconspicuous this time and take every precaution possible to close this case and get Moriarty arrested for good this time.

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