When a boring old day in 221B turns into meeting old enemys will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case before its too late...? poor summary. I dont own Sherlock or any characters associated with BBC's Sherlock, They belong to the BBC.


4. Chapter four

Chapter Four


John didn't have much time to worry about Sherlock's strange behaviour as the cab pulled up to New Scotland Yard. John payed the Cab Driver, Opened the door and hurried out of the cab and into Scotland Yard. John had to climb a few stairs before he got to Lestrade's office and walked through the long office. John paused before taking a deep breath and turning the silver handle slowly and walking into Lestrade's office. Greg Lestrade looked up at Johns entrance and smiled before indicating to john to sit down. John nodded and sat down and waited a moment before speaking. "I suppose this is about Moriarty?" Greg sighed and Johns eyes widened in shock. "How did you....?" John asked. "I don't need to be a Holmes to know that multiple deaths that all happen to be Homeless people and have the initials 'JM' carved into their skin all near the soho area may have something to do with him, John." John shook his head before a phone ringing erupted through the office causing John to blush as it dawned on him that it was his phone. John pulled out the phone and immediately answered when he saw it was Sherlock's ID. "Sherlock? I've found out that there has been murders all in the soho area with homeless people engraved with Moriartys initials." John said. "Oh! Hello Johnny boy! Sorry but Sherlly's busy at the minute. See you later John!" Moriarty exclaimed before a audible slap echoed through the phone making John shudder. "John? Are you ok?" Lestrade asked as Johns face paled. "We have to go to Soho." John said weakly.

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