When a boring old day in 221B turns into meeting old enemys will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case before its too late...? poor summary. I dont own Sherlock or any characters associated with BBC's Sherlock, They belong to the BBC.


5. Chapter five

Chapter five


"So Sherlock Holmes.... What brings you here?" Moriarty sneered as he paced around the chained up detective slowly. "You know... Why" Sherlock coughed Voilently and Moriarty frowned, Walked closer and bent down till he was at eye level with sherlock. Moriarty tilted his head deep in thought. "I wonder what you would do if I touched John, Broke every bone in his little body till It was dust, Flying away in the wind just like your pride. Oh the things I could do Sherlock! Too bad Johnny boy isnt here. He is a nice little pet isnt he sherlly? You know what they say, Every dog has its day. Is it your day Sherlock?" Moriarty questioned and started to ring his hands together. He suddenly stood and turned his back on Sherlock. Sherlock started to giggle which then turned to a audible laugh that made Moriarty once again turned on the battered man chained to the floor. "What is so funny?" Moriarty asked before Sherlock raised his bruised face to look deep into moriartys questioning eyes. "You can be so thick sometimes it dissapoints me, Jim. The bag Stacey McArthur had could only be bought from Jean Le Claires boutique in the shop down the road. New, Had no scuffs meaning it was bought recently so she obviously lives close, Not to close judging by the worn down soles on her shoes. When she told me her husband had been hanging around with new people and your name came up I knew you would be in this area, Mycroft confirmed these suspicions for me. Also because Mark is sitting in the corner you didnt want me to see him but honestly didn't you think to gag his mouth? I can hear his breathing from here. Judging by the rate he is breathing you wanted to make a point, But not kill him. You didnt want the blood on your hands, Risky but clever. Also before I came here I checked with my homeless network and surely enough they had seen you pulling a drunk man into this very building. You drugged him, Quite recently because I smelt chemicals when you slapped me after hanging up the phone with John. You didn't have the time to wash your hands so you ignored it. No one could possibly smell it, Wrong. I did. Also, John isn't stupid. As soon as you hung up the phone he would of told lestrade to track the call. Now you will be wondering in the small little brain of yours how he could of told him, I sent him there knowing you would ring. What would be the point of going through all of this and hurting me if you couldn't flaunt it? Also when your men attacked me they used force, But not lethal force meaning you wanted attention." Sherlock finished with a roll of the eye as Moriartys face turned hard with rage. "Oh Sherlly.... Why can we never have fun? Why have you always got to spoil it?" Moriarty sighed. "Speaking of spoiling..." Sherlock mumbled as a squad of police officers came filling into the dark abandoned house led by John and Lestrade. "Hands in the air!" Lestrade boomed as Jim only laughed. John lost it and stormed over to Jim, Kicked him in the legs making the bigger man stumble and fall with a thud. Police ran forward and handcuffed him before he could move. John and Lestrade's eyes locked before rememebering Sherlock and Mark were in the room. Lestrade went to Mark and John went to Sherlock. Sherlock groaned loudly when John cut the ropes tightly binding Sherlock's wrists to the cold damp floor. Sherlock swayed uneasily as he stood and John naturally went to sturdy the taller man. "Come on Sherlock lets get out of here." John muttered tugging Sherlock out into the cold winter evening and was greeted by a sobbing Stacey. "Is mark ok Mr holmes?!" She asked frantically and hurried away when Sherlock nodded slowly. John gently pulled Sherlock into the rearest cab when Sherlock refused medical help for his face and arms. "Another case solved eh?" John asked once he had told the cabby to go to 221B. "Yes. Lets hope Moriarty gets locked up for good this time. " Sherlock said sleepily as the cab pulled onto the main roads of London, Back towards 221B Baker street once again...

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