Fawnstar's Journey

This about a small kit with a large destiny. Although there are losses and road blocks in her way, she will over come them. A prophecy has been sent from starclan " A fawn's guidance and strength will overcome and save the clans"

Based of: Warrior cats


2. Chapter 2

The feel of her body being dragged from the holly bush caused Fawn to open her eyes slightly. Her father was looming over her, washing the blood from her pelt as well cleaning her wounds to stop an infection from setting in. She whimpered slightly as her father hit one of the deepest wounds from Crow. Crow and Soot were sitting a ways off being scolded by mother for what they did. They didn't care. Sighing slightly, she looked up to her father.

"Dad? Why do Crow and Soot hate me?" she asked softly, her father sighing before looking back to his only daughter.

"There just jealous of you. You are special, Fawn. You have a great destiny in front of you , dear" He answered with a smile. Fawn instantly pricked up and smiled happily, slowly standing up. With her father's help, she gradually padded into the house, laying down on the soft blanket. The injured kit happily curled up, welcoming the warmth the blanket provided with open paws. The pain in her back had now dulled to a aching, throbbing pulse. Watching with careful eyes, she watched as her mother forgave her brothers and let them be. Her eyes darted to her father who was quite unhappy. Lastly, her eyes glanced at her brothers. They were whispering and smirking. Their blue and golden optics meeting her gaze. Almost instantly, she tore her eyes away from them. Lowering her head to her paws, she yawned and closed her eyes.


When Fawn awoke, the moon hung high in the sky. With slow movements, the injured she-kit stood up. Looking around, her parents and brothers were already asleep. Fawn had grown tired of being limited to only the corners of her fence. She wanted to explore the forest and everwhere around it. The stories of the wild cats who ate the bones of kits never frightened her, but interested her further. They would probably be more loving than her own family. Silently and slowly, the small kit walked outside using the cat door.

fireflys danced in the brisk night air, the faint glow making it all the more beautiful. The pale moonlight shined down, illuminating everything. A sweet smile graced her muzzle as she looked at the shadow forest. Padding over to the fence, she spotted a hole just big enough for her to squeeze through. Taking one last long look at the house she was born in, she pushed her way through the hole and out through the fence.

The darkness seemed a bit thicker from this side of the fence. Dense grass grew high, almost as high as her neck. The grass was a vivid green, containing a lot of different species of plants and bugs lurking on the leaves. The trees were tremendously tall, so tall Fawn had to crane her neck to see the tops. Dry leaves crunched softly as the she-kit padded along, drinking in the sights. Her curious blue eyes loved these new sights. The new smells made her excited, wanting to know what each one was. It was truely exciting for a kit.

Now walking in the dense forest, new smells intoxicated the air. The smell of small prey made her mouth water, and Fawn swore she could smell other cats. She had long forgotten the injury on her back. The wjite and shaded brown she-kit was so enthralled with the new forest scenery. Though hearing a twig snap made her senses. Whipping around, her feightened blue eyes met with a much larger green pair.

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