Fawnstar's Journey

This about a small kit with a large destiny. Although there are losses and road blocks in her way, she will over come them. A prophecy has been sent from starclan " A fawn's guidance and strength will overcome and save the clans"

Based of: Warrior cats


1. Chapter 1

" Why can't i go outside?" a white, brown, and tan she whined softly, looking up at her mother with bark blue eyes, an almost begging look shimmering in them. Her mother, Violet, sighed and wrapped her brown tail around her only daughter, looking down at her with the same navy blue eyes.

" I have said it before, Fawn. It is too dangerous outside for you. Even if it is summer" Violet mewed softly, earning an irritated groan from Fawn. he small kit leaped from her mother's grasp and looked at Violet, anger flaring softly in her eyes.

"But its not fair that Crow and Soot get to!" She complained, watching her two brothers wrestle and play fight in the soft and lush green grass. The fire in Fawn;s eyes died and was replaced with something else. Loneliness. Her brothers always ignored her and made fun of her by calling her short, loner, and even outcast, but only when mother wasn't around. A soft and gentle voice broke her daze.

"Fawn? what wrong dear?" Her father, Spot, asked as he leaped up to join his beloved baby girl. Fawn smiled happily at her father. He was the only one who treated her like she existed and was loved. Fawn nuzzled into his chest, causing him to purr. She sighed and looked into her father's forest green eyes.

"Momma won't let me go outside even though Crow and Soot are out there." She mewed softly, her father's expression changing. His fur bristled at the slightest and his usually bright and kind eyes turned stone cold. He looked at fawn and nodded, looking at Violet who wasn't paying any mind.

"I'll take you outside dear. Nothing will hurt you inside the fence" He promised, making her squeal softly and giddily. She hopped down from the window and onto the soft floor with a slight stumble. Her father soon joined her and smiled as he led her to the cat door. Spot stepped out first, Fawn following. At first, the bright light burned her eyes and the ground underpaw felt soft, squishy almost. She smiled and leaped into the warm air and giggled, her eyes set on  butterfly. She reached out her paws while in mid air but missed and fell to the ground, the blue and white butterfly flying away and into the safety of the sky. The mocking laughter's behind her made her sit up and whip around,facing her brothers, Soot and Crow. The two toms were smirking rather evilly as she shrunk back, causing them to chuckle more.

"Whats wrong sis?" Soot sneered, his black pelt shining in the light. Crow smiled meanly at his younger sister.

"Yea. We just wanted to know of you wanted to play hide-and-seek with us" Crow asked, the smirk not leaving his lips. Fawn smiled softly and nodded quickly.

"Would i!" she giggled, Crow and Soot looking at each other. They nodded and turned their heads back to Fawn.

"Alright. we'll hide and you try and find us" Crow mewed and took off, Soot going a different way. Fawn sighed softly and covered her eyes with her brown and white paws and began to count

"One...Two...Three..." She began. After a few minuets, she finally reached 100.

"...ninety nine....one Hundred! Ready or not, here i come!" she hollered and padded towards a holly bush that was in the corner of the yard. Fawn bounded into the bush and into a small clearing that the bush concealed. She looked around the whole bush but found nothing. As soon as she was about to leap out, a weight landed onto her back and pushed her to the ground with a squeal. Fawn turned her head enough to see Crow on top of her, smirking.

"Crow! get off me! what are you doing?!" She yelled, making him smirk more.

"Getting rid of the unwanted" He growled, pointy claws digging into her back,she yowled in pain as tears formed in her eyes. Am i going to die here? by the claws of my brother? she thought to herself as she felt his claws tear through her flesh. Fawn yowled loudly in pain before the world around her went dark.

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