Caly doesn't trust anybody but her best friend Taylor and her gram after being dropped on her doorstep when she was little. But does she learn to trust people and try new things when she learns 5 cute boys are moving across the street?


2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

'Aren't they cute!?' Taylor squealed.

'More like angelic!' I squealed right back. I swear we were just alike.

'We should make cookies for them or something!' Taylor exclaimed.

'OMG, that's an awesome idea!' I squealed yet again.

As we gathered the ingredients together, we started singing and dancing. Even though people told us we sounded great together, we thought we sucked.

When the cookies were done, the chefs obviously had to taste test because we both loved food.

'These are amazing!' Taylor exclaims.

'Lets go take these to the boys!' I practically screamed.

After gathering the cookies on a tray and walking across the street, we were on the boys doorstep. Taylor rang the doorbell. After hearing a couple footsteps, a curly haired boy opened the door.


As soon as I set my eyes on this boy, I swear it was love at first sight. For me at least. I knew he was perfect when I seen him. He had emerald green eyes and brown curly hair.

'Hello love! What's your name?' His British accent booming. I stood there in silence while Caly answered for me.

'Her name is Taylor and I'm Caly. I live across the street. And you are?' Caly questioned. Now I feel so stupid for not answering him.

'Oh! Sorry, my name is Harry. Let me take those from you. Niall will like those,' Harry said, taking the cookies and winking at me. Did he just wink at me!? Does he like me!? I thought. I glanced at Caly to see what she would think. She always did the same thing when she knew a guy liked me. She always did this goofy grin we call the 'Creeper Smile.' Just as I thought she would, she was doing the same goofy grin.

'Cmon inside and you can meet Niall and Louis. Liam and Zayn are grocery shopping.' Harry smiled.


When I seen Taylor, I knew I had to make her mine.

As I lead the Taylor and Caly into the game room, I made sure to put the cookies on the counter and made a note to tell Niall about them. He would love me for it.


I was playing FIFA with Louis when I heard Harry talking to somebody. It couldn't be Liam or Zayn because they went to the super market because I was hungery and we had nothing to eat. And the voices sounded a little girly.

I heard him and what sounded like two others walking into the game room. When I looked up, I seen her.

When I seen her, it was like the whole world stopped.

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