The truth

I've decided that I would just share this true story of a fifteen-year old girl, who is a good friend of mine, so I hope you will enjoy reading it and maybe you could leave me some comments? ;-)


1. Introduction

A/N: These names are all fictional, but their origin and amount are the same as the real ones! Have fun! :-) At the beginning everything was still fine, but then again who knows the trouble of life at their birth? Anyway I, Amrita Rushani Dhara Elana Zada Lynn was born in Germany in a small town called Herdecke on the 23 of July in 1998. Now you might wonder why I've got so many weird names? Well shortly before I was born there came a law into action which said that a child is only allowed to have five first names, so my parents decided to give me five, so I'm lucky the law didn't say you were allowed to have 15, because then I would probably had to learn 10 other names by heart aswell... Because my parents love India they called me Amrita and Dhara, which are some kind of weird Indian names which mean something like immortal and flowing river. Why they also gave me a Sri Lankan, a muslim and hebraic name I don't really know, they wanted me to be international, but... Well never mind, that's not the reason I'm writing this down... My mum, Sylvia Lynn, was 35 when I was born and was one of those people who still studied at that age, my dad, David Lynn, was already 52, because he also had an older daughter, my half sister Lily, who was nine years old and lived with her mother. Life was a bit complicated, but I didn't realise that, that's why the first couple of years of my life were quite uninteresting, so I won't bother telling you a lot about them.
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