The truth

I've decided that I would just share this true story of a fifteen-year old girl, who is a good friend of mine, so I hope you will enjoy reading it and maybe you could leave me some comments? ;-)


4. 4

One day my wonderful best friend decided to ignore me, out of the blue. Yes, you read correctly. I went to Nicklas' house like usually and went to look if he was in the garden. And there he was: Playing with an other girl, which I didn't know. When I called him and said hello he just simply ignored me, he didn't open the gate like usually, he didn't even turn around. I tried talking to him for about an other five minutes and when he and the other girl still ignored me I gave up. I started walking home, my head hanging down, tears streaming down my face, I was just couldn't understand it. We never fought about anything, we could never bare not seeing each other for longer than a day and now this. I was heart broken. These are the only words I have to describe the feeling when you lose your best friend in such a cruel way, and I was still only five years old. When I came home my parents asked me what was wrong. When I told them they also couldn't understand. My mum even went to talk to his mum, but she also didn't care about my feelings. So I just stayed lying in bed the next couple of days, crying, till my parents persuaded me to start being happy again and to forget about him, because clearly he wasn't worth it. So I started playing and on the outside being happy again, but on the inside I was still hurt. I kept going to kindergarten, where he didn't talk to me and didn't even look at me. He only played with his new friend who had recently moved to Kaulstoß, which explained why I didn't know her. Ronja and I somehow were separated more and more and I was never so close to her anyway, so soon I was totally alone again...
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