The truth

I've decided that I would just share this true story of a fifteen-year old girl, who is a good friend of mine, so I hope you will enjoy reading it and maybe you could leave me some comments? ;-)


3. 3

When I was five my parents decided to send me to kindergarten in order to get used to getting up early (which I'm unfortunately still not used to...) and playing with other children. Before I had only ran trough the fields on my own, built my own Lego House or maybe played a game with my parents... So I started going to kindergarten and from the beginning I was the weird one: I wasn't born in that little village, I wasn't as narrow minded as most of the farmers children and simply everything about me was weird, in their opinion (not that I didn't have the same thoughts about them...). Despite that fact I became friends with a girl called Ronja and a boy called Nicklas. Ronja was a typical farmers child, her family possessed a pony, rabbits, chicken and all sorts of other animals. One day she decided that I should try riding the pony (without a saddle or reins...)... Once that white thing started running round their enormous garden I thought I was going to die. I held on to its neck for dear life, because I thought I would fall down, if I didn't (which I probably would have....). This nightmare only stopped, when her parents finally could stop the pony and they took me off of it's back and I had solid ground under my feet. Anyway, enough of Ronja. Nicklas, my other friend, only had female friends and I became very close to him. We did everything together, we ran trough the fields together, we played with my dolls together and we played with his cars together. Our parents were also quite close and we went to kindergarten together. In Kaulstoß I also celebrated my first birthday with a little kids party and Lil, who was about 14, back then, also came. Everything was fine and I was quite happy, despite the fact that I didn't belong in that little village, until...
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