The truth

I've decided that I would just share this true story of a fifteen-year old girl, who is a good friend of mine, so I hope you will enjoy reading it and maybe you could leave me some comments? ;-)


2. 2

My life started getting interesting (or maybe weird is the correct word) when I moved to a small village in Hesse, called Kaulstoß... I moved in the same house where my dad had already lived with Lil and her mom. There were lots of horses and other animals in the village, which I enjoyed feeding and playing with. My parents and I went kite flying in a field near the house, we found mushrooms, we could pick and it was fantastic, I felt like I was in paradise!!! It would have been the perfect place to grow up if I hadn't discovered so many weird and disgusting things like sweet little frogs I loved to play with until they were chopped to pieces by a lawn mower... Or fire salamanders which were squashed flat by cars... And the thing which scared me most was that there were huntsmen living in the flat below ours. They came home every day and put the carcases in the garage and there was blood everywhere... And the worst thing was that I had more or less lived vegan (except for fish) my whole life long, so I thought it was double disgusting... Anyway lets stop taking about disgusting things. I somehow got into the habit of going to the cemetery and asking my mum to tell me what was written on the gravestones. I really don't know why I started doing that, maybe because already then my subconscious knew that there was the only place where I could ever really rest in peace...
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