You and I

Jessica has a dream to be well known and when she meets an Irish boy with blue eyes and blonde hair could her dream come true or will the doncaster, brown hair boy win her over.


1. Up all night

Tonight was my 20th Birthday, i was no longer a teenager and my mates was taking me out for a drink in a bar.  It was 7:30pm and i was meeting my friends at 8:00pm. I had done my hair, make up and nails and now to put an outfit on, not fancy, just cute. When i heard a knock at the door i ran over and it was my friend zoey she kept telling me her aim for the night was for me to find a boyfriend. I have been with someone before but it just didn't work, we had to go our separate ways.


We got there, there was lots of loud music and cute boys, my friend kept telling me to go over to them but i was scared, see i went to an all girls school all my life until i was 16 so i find it hard to talk to girls but ino my prince is on his way. Later on my friend went up to the stage and ask if she could talk to everyone she got a spoon and taped her glass with it then said listen up, i couldn't stop thinking about what she might say. "Can we all say a big happy birthday to my best friend in the world Jessica, OH by the way boys shes single". Everyone started cheering, my face went bright red.


After that loads of boys kept coming up to me but i didn't like any of them. I started to feel sick, it was so hot and stuffy in there. it was dark out side only the street lights lighting the street, well it was 11:30pm so it was going to be dark. I walked up the seaside which was only cross the road it was quite but you could her the music from the bar. Then i heard a boy asking if i was ok, he had a cute Irish accent, he sat next to me i couldn't really see him but he was wearing a cut pairs cap but i could see his sexy, bright blue eyes. It went quite then he said "Hi I'm Niall......Horan, please scream" he said. "Why would i scream" i asked then it clicked it was niall from one direction and i said "oh sorry i know what you mean your from one...." i couldn't finish saying it he went and kissed me.


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