You and I

Jessica has a dream to be well known and when she meets an Irish boy with blue eyes and blonde hair could her dream come true or will the doncaster, brown hair boy win her over.


2. Niall's girl

His soft lips on mine, his beautiful hand running throw my hair then he stood up and said "sorry" then i grabbed his hand and said "no i liked it". He hugged me, we started to kiss again, i could not believe me, an ugly girl kissing Niall Horan. Then he said "lets go back to mine" i said on minute then ran inside and told my friend, zoey i had to go then ran back out to him told me he had not been drinking so he would drive. I smiled, i thought i was in a dream. 


We got out his car, he grabbed my hand and lead me to his house, when we got in i could still not believe it he asked me what i wanted to drink the grabbed his guitar and started to sing to me it was little things my favourite song. Then he started to kiss me again.


It was the next morning i woke up could not even reamber what happend last night, i was in his bed then he came in with a tray, a full english breakfast, my favorite then said "sorry im not a good cook but full english is ok for me to cook" i laugh he stared to blush. Then he said "the boys are coming round today are you ok with that, you need to meet them one day you are my girlfriend" i smiled and said "do you really mean that" he said "yeah". I said that i could not wait to meet them. Then he said your not scared of love are you" i said "no you make me strong". Later on when we was watching T.V and told me the only thing is that we should not go out together in the day yet, so we are just keeping it quite for now which i was happy to do.


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