You and I

Jessica has a dream to be well known and when she meets an Irish boy with blue eyes and blonde hair could her dream come true or will the doncaster, brown hair boy win her over.


3. Meeting the boys

There was a knock at the door, Niall walked over to answer it, all the boys were there, i was shy but they were happy to talk to me, we all chatted for ages then ordered pizza.  All the guys were so nice especially louis he was so funny and sweet. They didn't talk about them being famous, they were just 5 normal guys. I had such a fun night with them, they went about 11pm. I could not wait to see them again.


When they went Niall came over to me and we kissed and hugged me and whispered in my ear "What do you think of the guys" then smiled it said "nice and louis is so funny". Niall laughed, then i did they he blushed, when he makes a girl laughs he always blushes. Then he grabbed his guitar and said "can you play?" i answered "a little", "well i will teach you" niall said. "I think it's cute when a girl can play the guitar". He pulled a cut embarrassed face. Then we kissed. When we was watching tv he asked me why i was wearing makeup because he said your so pretty need it. I laugh then he kissed me. 


He said "he could not wait any longer to tell the world that we went out" then he said "lets go to nandos show people were together" then he smiled, i smiled. I was going to well-known OMG. I love my Niall boy show much. He hugged me and said "your as cute as a button, i could not love you anymore". All i was thinking is that i had finally found true love with the best person in the world. He said he was going to have a shower after 10mins of him being gone i went to his guitar and started to play and sing. Then he came up behind me and said "your amazing" then kissed me on the cheek then said you coming to bed. I said "one min" then he walked away then i went to the window and looked out it was pitch black and i still could not believe i was Niall Horans girlfriend.   



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