SAVED (harry fanfiction)

My names tara and my life's complicated read and see what it's like <3


6. together??

After we let go of the hug he said "what was that for?" To so you that I'm sorry and you don't have to be." He got a confused look in his face but I ignored it and pulled him in for another hug. He said" I want to take you out for dinner.""I say." How bout 6:30? I say sure since it's only 4:30. I run upstairs take a shower. I get out and start to get ready. I put on black eyeliner mascara and light purple eyeshadow. I put on a purple blue dress and black high heels. I put my hair in to a waterfall braid and put curls in with a purple lace bow. When I am done getting ready it's 6:15, so I go downstairs and see the boys it not harry assuming he is still getting ready. They are sitting on the couch but they hear my heels clicking against the ground and turn around all of them gasp in awe. I can feel my cheeks turning red but, they stop when the boys say Harry went to the store he'll be right back. I say "ok." and run upstairs to play on my phone. It was about 5 minutes until I hear a door slam, I walk downstairs to see Harry dressing in a black suit and tie. When he sees me his eyes pop out of his head and he says "" Haha haz you too" i say with a smirk on my face. We leave and I ask " so curly where are we going?" This place called Benihana." He says. "Awesome!"

*skip car ride*

When we get there he opens the door and there's millions flashes of lights and screaming girls. He whispers in my ear "ignore them". I say okay and we go inside and sit down. I order some soup with salad and Harry orders ham fried rice and steak. We see a stove in front of us and ask what it's for. They say" the cook cooks the food in front of you." We say thank you and she walks away. We talked about our childhoods and got to know eachother. The chef comes up and cooks our food and we eat then leave. We get home and the boys are on the couch. We get in and I go and change into sweats and harry went to go change too. I go downstairs with Harry. The boys of course want to play and game. They all yell at the same time DARE OR DARE! I say okay cause what the worst that can happen. Louis asks me dare or dare? I say dare and he says I dare you to sit on Harry's lap for the rest of the game. I dare niall to give Louis a kiss on the cheek and he does. Now niall asks Harry dare or dare he says dare of course and niall dares him to make out with me for 7 minutes in front of them. Harry look at me and I nod. So kisses me and it's very passionate it's seems like it's only me and him. Until it's broken off by zayn dating the 7 minutes were over 5 minutes ago. We laugh and go in with the game. After about 1 hour of playing I tell Harry goodnight he kisses me and I hug the boys. Then I go upstairs brush my teeth and go to bed.


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