SAVED (harry fanfiction)

My names tara and my life's complicated read and see what it's like <3


3. the mystery guy

Tara's pov

Hi I'm Harry styles and I believe that's josh" he says with a smirk. I am speechless how could I have not known that he was Harry styles. I guess I didn't answer that fast because he asks me if I was okay. I say I am and that my names Tara. He told me to follow him to his car we got to his car and he opened the door for me which was weird cause josh never did. I say " thanks". We start to drive and I put my headphones in and start listening to sleeping with sirens if you can't hang. I start to rest my head against the window until we get there. Harry stops the car and says " don't be alarmed but their are four immature boys in their." Oh great I think now i have to deal with his mates too! We get to the doorsteps and Harry unlocks the door. We get inside and I try to hide behind Harry but Harry just steps to the other side. Louis is the first to see me and yells "hey boys Harry's brought a pretty girl home!" Then all of them come running in yelling " what's her name!" Now I am blushing and harry tell them my name while I hide behind him. They ask f I'm hungry i say I'm not. Harry tells me tongi sit on the couch while he gets drinks. He comes back with six beers one for the each of us!


Later that night we are all sitting on a beanbag in Louis room. Liam of course suggests that we play a game. Everybody looked at me with an evil smirk. I yell "WHAT!" They say " do you want to play truth or dare? I say sure cause what's the harm. Louis tells niall to go first. He asks Louis truth or dare? Louis says dare, niall dared him to got out side butt naked and scream I like big butts and I cannot lie!! After that Harry needed up kissing Louis and Liam ended up doing seven minutes in heaven with zayn. I told Harry that I was tired and he said okay go change and then I'll show you where you can sleep. I get changed and ask Harry he say follow me and leads me too his room. I say " Harry I can't take your bed you have already done too much for me!" He says it's fine but can I ask you a question? I say of course. He asks what happened and hey were you with josh. I start to cry and Harry pulls me in for a hug. After me crying I tell him that my mom and dad died in a car crash when I was 8 and I was homeless for about 3 years and then josh picked me up off the streets but I didn't know that he was going to abuse me and then when he started to I ran away and I'm turning 18 next year so I can leave him and he can't do anything to me. Then when I was done he said " babe I am so sorry you went through that you are safe now." I say" thanks you" as he kisses me on the forehead. I get into bed and go too sleep

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