SAVED (harry fanfiction)

My names tara and my life's complicated read and see what it's like <3


2. running

Tara's pov

I wake up In a pool of my own blood. I look around to see if josh is anywhere to be seen he isn't. So I go to my room and grab a suitcase. I put everything I have in there which isn't much. I go out there to see josh talking on the phone with his so called friend.

Friend: just kill her already

Josh: their has to be the right time to kill someone you can't..

I start to run I open the door and slam it. I am pretty sure josh heard it but i don't care. I hear yelling and I am sure it's josh cause he's telling me that he'll kill me if I don't come back. By now I am running and crying at the same time. I stop running and go into a dark alley. I slide down the wall of the alley and start crying with my face in my palms replaying the images of my parents dying In car crash the day I was so happy when josh picked me up off the streets all the times that josh has beat me. I stop when I hear footsteps coming my way. I know it's josh so I say" josh I don't want to deal with your shit right now so just leave me alone!" But to my suprise I hear a " hi love are you okay?" I say" ya I'm fine can you leave now!" But he just keeps on asking questions. I stand up and start walk away. He keep on asking who josh is and why I don't want to deal with him right now. I don't answer I hair keep walking. I feel like I've known him once in my life. But I keep going until I reach a park. I lay down on a bench and drift to sleep. I wake up and hear a guy talking the voice sounds drama liar so I open my eyes to see josh. Laying there scared of what's going to happen next. He looks at me and sees that I'm awake. He says " oh look little baby Tara is awake now it's time to put her through something she's never been through!" When he's about to punch me I close my eyes and wait for it to come but it never came. All of a sudden I hear " do you have the fucking manners to treat a girl right or what!" Then I hear a punch and nothing else I'm guessing one of them knocked out. I open my eyes again to see the same guy from the alley that tried to help me. I think who is this mystery guy?

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