Why me?

The story is about a sad girl that hated herself because of something that happened in her life. Something that made her cry herself to bed everyday. If you want to find out what that thing is, then you better read the story...


1. That's how it started

It was a summer day. I was walking back home from a party, it was a graduation party. It was 2 am, i was sure that my parents were very worried but i didn't care, cause it was the last day of school. When i was walking i suddenly felt that someone pushed me down, and then took my clothes off. I tried to call someone i really did but i couldn't i was too drunk and too afraid. Tears fell from my eyes, too many emotions in one time. Tried to fight but i was too weak, tried to pull myself out but he beat me up. It was too late he already did it and i couldn't do anything. And just to make sure he beat me a few times until i passed out. When i woke up again i was in a hospital. My parents was sitting beside me. My mom was crying, I was afraid. It wasn't a dream, I could hear my heart beat really fast, and tears fell from my eyes. Yep it really happened someone raped me and left me on the floor like i was nothing, like i wasn't a human being, like i was his sex bag. 

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