Liz is a common teenage girl. Her has been easy so far. But what will she do when international pop star Justin Bieber starts to fall for HER? will she break up with her abusive boyfriend Tom?


1. you promised

Liz p.o.v

"I promise, I'll never do that to u again. EVER" said Tom with no emotion in his voice. No Liz! U can't forgive him again! He's not worth it. "It's ok. I am giving u one last chance" I said .

U're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Tom is my boyfriend. He beats me up a lot. But I can't stop loving him. This time he gave me a black eye because I talked with my classmate about a project.

Whatever. I've been trying to break up with him since the first time he abused me. But I failed every time. Every time I told him that it was over he'd say something and I always end up forgiving him. Which is NOT ok. I need to take this relationshit to an end.

After Tom and I had our little conversation I went back home. I live by myself because both of my parents died in a car accident. And I have no siblings. So I'm left alone in this huge house. I thought of asking Tom to live with me but in too afraid he would do something to me. I even asked my best friend Becca to live with me but her parents said no.

After ten minutes I was at home. I walked straight up to my room and took a nap. I didn't even bother changing my clothes.

••••••••••••••••••it sucks. I know. ••••••••••••••••••••

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