Liz is a common teenage girl. Her has been easy so far. But what will she do when international pop star Justin Bieber starts to fall for HER? will she break up with her abusive boyfriend Tom?


2. the real one?

I woke up to the annoying sound if my alarm. It was 9:30. I decided to take a shower and go to the park or something. Ten minutes later I walked out of the house and drove to the park. It was a Monday so the kids were all at school. No one was there. Perfect. I sat on one bank and thought. Thought about Tom,about my parents, about my future, about everything possible.

Justin's p.o.v

"Leave me alone bitch. "We" don't exist. U know that it was all for ur publicity. You're famous now. What do you want more?!" I yelled at selena. This girl is so fucking annoying. "I want u. Please give me a chance. I will prove u that I'm the one" she said. Alright that was it. I've been wasting the past few hours trying to tell her that she can't have me & jerry [u know who Jerry is. Ryt? ;) ] but bitch won't listen. I walked outta her house and drove off. I don't know where. But somewhere far far away from her. She's giving me such a hard time.

Perfect ! I saw a park. There weren't any people. Only one girl. I walked up to her and sat next to her. She was cute *_* "hey beautiful" no response. "Umm , hey?" She was lost in her thoughts. What is she thinking about? "Heeyyy?!" I now screamed. Yep it worked. She's back on earth. "Hi" she said with her angelic voice. "Wtf?! You're justin. The Bieber one." Hahah the Bieber one. " yea i guess" I said trying to be cool. "Oh my god. The real one?!" She said totally in shock. "Yes haha. " After a few minutes she calmed down. And we talked and talked. She was so beautiful and a nice person. I wonder what she thinks of me. "Oh God. It's 5 pm. We've been talking for like 7 hours" seven ?! Omg. It felt like 20 minutes. Wait it's 5pm ?!? F***. Scooter will kill me. I should've been in the recording studio at 4pm. I quickly told her everything and asked her if she could give me her number. She gave it to me without hesitation. Bazingaaa! "I'll call u later sweetie" I said while running as fast as I could to my car.

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