You're perfect for me

Ashley is 17 years old, she was beaten and raped by her mother's boyfriend and to forget all she cut herself. But someone will suddenly become part of her life and will help her to forget everything.


1. Prologue

He entered in the room, he flapped her violently against the wall and then he begin to give her the stupid kicks that she had forgotten the pain. Every day was always the same story, he  beated her and raped  and she hated those days when she had a smile that was cut off from his look, his stupid look. He enjoyed at hurt her and after a year she had taken the habit of all those kicks and punches. Every morning she went to school with the face covered with makeup and this just to coat purple halos which appeared on her face. the Monster was the new boyfriend of her mother. she Had a remedy to all this pain, she was a self defeating. It was the only thing that in a sense could eliminate the pain . She is Ashley Landrey, but she is called Ash. Isn't one of those girls blonde with blue eyes, no! It's a "normal" girl not a barbie.


Hi everyone! This is my story that I translated in English:) I wanted to apologize for my English. I accept all the advice that you give me. See you soon!




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