Could This Really Be Happening?

Elizabeth, mostly known as Lizzie, is an ordinary 16 year old with an ordinary life, but when she meets One Direction her life totally changes and she becomes a new person. What's very strange is the way she met them, not like any other people on a concert, but because........
Read to find out what really happens....

Please note that this story is based on when all of One Direction were about 16, 17 and 18.
Thank you! (It's just so it would match the ages of the characters in the story!)
If you want to read the story early use this early access code written right here: 6b40ac58-b09a-47b5-900b-f96f8cb97dc1


8. The Secret is Out

"Tell me now." I said trying to calm myself down. He just look into empty space as if lost in thoughts. "I said NOW!!!" I screamed at him getting angrier by the minute. "Lizzie I just didn't want you to focus on them and not on your school, I really care." Dad mumbled tripping over the words as he said them. "OH YEAH YOU AND CARING THAT'S WHY YOU'VE LET ME WONDER OFF AT NIGHT ON MY OWN SINCE I WAS 8, ANSWER ME!!!!!" I was literally screaming so much I was red in the face. "Yes, but I couldn't tell you that I'm One Direction's manager could I?"

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