Could This Really Be Happening?

Elizabeth, mostly known as Lizzie, is an ordinary 16 year old with an ordinary life, but when she meets One Direction her life totally changes and she becomes a new person. What's very strange is the way she met them, not like any other people on a concert, but because........
Read to find out what really happens....

Please note that this story is based on when all of One Direction were about 16, 17 and 18.
Thank you! (It's just so it would match the ages of the characters in the story!)
If you want to read the story early use this early access code written right here: 6b40ac58-b09a-47b5-900b-f96f8cb97dc1


9. Liar

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked excited, but annoyed that my Dad, MY DAD, was One Direction's manager. "How long for, how much amount of time have you been their manager?" I was growing more excited by the minute. "I became their manager in 2006 when you were 8." he told me, but I could hardly make out what he was saying he was whispering so much. "You have been keeping a secret from me for that long, it's been 8 years and you've hardly noticed me because of a stupid, world famous boy band?" I was very pleased with my Dad that he's so good at keeping secrets as he hasn't been in the papers once. On the other hand I was VERY angry with him. "You could have told me when I became 16 which has been months ago instead of me finding out from Harry Styles!" I said a lot more calmly than what I was meant to. "You're a L-I-A-R!" I screamed and then headed for the golf course.

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