Could This Really Be Happening?

Elizabeth, mostly known as Lizzie, is an ordinary 16 year old with an ordinary life, but when she meets One Direction her life totally changes and she becomes a new person. What's very strange is the way she met them, not like any other people on a concert, but because........
Read to find out what really happens....

Please note that this story is based on when all of One Direction were about 16, 17 and 18.
Thank you! (It's just so it would match the ages of the characters in the story!)
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10. Harry Again

Before I even got to the golf course I found Harry standing just outside our house, he freaked the life out of me. "You heard every word didn't you?" I asked him. "Yep, I did and I say you're very fierce, love." he answered my question with glowing eyes. That was new to me I haven't even had a proper discussion with him, I've hardly met him and here I am with Harry Styles just outside my house and he's calling me 'love'. Then before I knew it he grabbed me pushed me up against the wall of my house and started kissing me passionately. Then I pulled away and he asked me: "Wanna come and spend the night at ours?". My answer was immediately 'Yes'.

Lizzie's Dad's p.o.v

Lizzie is my only daughter and that's why I've kept her from Harry, I knew she would fall for him immediately as she always told me she loved him and he was his favourite from One Direction. Maybe it was also a mistake that I told Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn as now they've told Harry as I haven't told Harry only the rest of the boys. Harry's already all over my only daughter and I'm scared I know how angry Harry can get when somebody annoys him or when something goes wrong and he's already all over her and Lizzie's spending the night at their house. This is what I was afraid of. What if Harry will hurt Lizzie?



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