Could This Really Be Happening?

Elizabeth, mostly known as Lizzie, is an ordinary 16 year old with an ordinary life, but when she meets One Direction her life totally changes and she becomes a new person. What's very strange is the way she met them, not like any other people on a concert, but because........
Read to find out what really happens....

Please note that this story is based on when all of One Direction were about 16, 17 and 18.
Thank you! (It's just so it would match the ages of the characters in the story!)
If you want to read the story early use this early access code written right here: 6b40ac58-b09a-47b5-900b-f96f8cb97dc1


20. By A Small Orange Flag

Melody's p.o.v

A few days go by and it feels like we've known each other forever. They learn my past, I learn theirs, they learn my secrets, and I learn what I thought was all of theirs. It turned out they had another. We sat in front of a tree, me with my back against it, and the other two staring upwards. For the first time I felt special, like a leader. Like someone actually cared about me.

'There's something we'd like to ask you, Melody', Hermione said from the small slope. I pursed my lips whilst nodding, signalling for her to continue, 'Firstly, are you free tomorrow night, as we'd love for you to come to a party with us?'

'Well, yeah I guess...'

Lizzie smiled, 'Great!' She said, 'But there's something else we need to ask... do you like One Direction?' And then they told me.


As a sixteen year old girl with no money income other than my sisters part-time job, I have very little to wear. The suitable I have are damaged in some way, or just far too small. Climbing over the bed to my sisters rail I imagine her reaction if she found out I borrowed something... I'm about to turn back and just put up with the failure clothes I own, but then I remember the boys - the band One Direction. What would they think if I turn up in just jeans and a shirt? Without thinking again I pull out a dark blue, lace dress that ends just above my knees. Carefully, I zip it up at the back and stare at myself in the mirror. I gently swish from side to side before pulling on a pair of black converse, which are surprisingly tidy. All I can do with my hair is leave it and hope that they like the tangled look.

Outside, Lizzie and Hermione wait for me then tell me to follow them. They lead me to a golf course, where crazy thoughts enter my head. 'Isn't this where you live?' I ask Lizzie, then consider the fact that they'd lied to me, and everything was just a joke. It's what I considered originally...

'Yeah, it is - they're meeting us round about here...' Then I see five boys laughing on one of the hills, they turn to face us as we draw nearer. Behind a small orange flag, a blonde boy locks eyes with me. Niall, the sweet Irish boy from One Direction.

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