Could This Really Be Happening?

Elizabeth, mostly known as Lizzie, is an ordinary 16 year old with an ordinary life, but when she meets One Direction her life totally changes and she becomes a new person. What's very strange is the way she met them, not like any other people on a concert, but because........
Read to find out what really happens....

Please note that this story is based on when all of One Direction were about 16, 17 and 18.
Thank you! (It's just so it would match the ages of the characters in the story!)
If you want to read the story early use this early access code written right here: 6b40ac58-b09a-47b5-900b-f96f8cb97dc1


17. A Few Tears

Harry's p.o.v

I was standing there waiting for Lizzie. I was there for about 30 minutes before they finally came back with another girl. Lizzie ran up to me, hugged me and told me she was very 'Sorry'. She's stupid I should be the one saying 'Sorry' to her not the other way around. Then she told me she wanted to talk. "Harry I'm so very sorry, I love you." she said and kissed me lightly on the lips. "No, I'm sorry I shouldn't have hit Liam in the stomach, I'm stupid." I answered in tears. "Also Harry don't mention anything to do with 1D to Hermione." she said pointing at the girl. "Why? Is she in love with us, so much it will make her cry?" I joked making puppy-dog eyes and blinking innocently. "No, it's because she hates you guys and she disapproves of me being with you at all, so I'm surprised she talks to me at all." she answered me a bit angry because of my stupid joke. Then suddenly she kissed me on the lips. It was AMAZING. "Can she sleep here too, tonight?" she asked me, desperate to give the 'right' answer. "Sure, babe." I answered and gave her a long passionate kiss. She's beautiful, my Lizzie.

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