Letters To Adam

Elisa Hicks is a lonely twenty six year old who's got it bad for a man at her job, Adam Sharp. She becomes so over whelmed by her feelings for him that she begins to write him letters, not sure if he will get them or not. Adam soon returns his feelings and realizes what he's been missing, but their sappy romance has it's troubles. Adam wants to marry Elisa after only a month of being together and while Elisa knows she is in love with Adam, she is afraid to see the beauty he sees in her, in herself.

A/N: There are many musical references and some reference to adult content. If this may offend you, please do not read. Also, the YouTube links aren't working for me, so if you want to listen to the sings they mention, you'll have to manually research them. I know, the struggle.


11. Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 6:04pm

I sat in a window booth at Chenny's Chicken and Pasta waiting and watching for Elisa's little red Honda Civic. I'm afraid she won't come. I ordered a sandwich that I haven't touched and forgot what it's called. A chipotle something or the other, I think. I'm considering calling her to ask where she is when I look up and see her getting out of her car. She flips her hair over her shoulder and grabs her bag. My heart soars when I see her. She looks up and sees me through the shop a window. She waves and gives me a tentative half-smile. I smile back at her. 

Then I realize that tonight could make or break us and I don't really want to have to explain myself. My stomach drops. 

She walks in and I melt into the seat. When she sits down, I inwardly groan. Everything about her is so attractive to me. I wish I could just...

"Hey," she breathes. "Uh, mind if I order something?" She picks up the menu I asked the waitress to leave for her. 

"Uh, no, go ahead," I stammer. She paws through the menu for a second and tells me she's ready to order. I catch a waitress passing by and she orders the same thing I got with a drink. When they bring her meal out, she prays over it and then looks me straight in the eyes. I squirm under the seriousness of her gaze. 

"So let's talk," she said. I push my untouched plate off to my left and lay my hands on the table. I'm so afraid to tell her everything but I don't know exactly why. 

So I start small. 

"The letters," I say smoothly. Perhaps we can just avoid the topic of wedlock altogether. Fat chance. 

"The letters." She runs her hands through her hair and leans forward. "Let's not stop the letters, okay? Because I like them." She smiles and reaches for my hands. I grab her and lean across the table to kiss her. 

I breathe in the scent of whatever soap she uses to wash her face and taste her lip balm. Her lips move deftly with mine. I push against her and let my hand find its way to her neck. She tilts her face up to me. I'm starting feel the flower of passion blooming in me. It starts in my chest and stretches through my stomach down to my feet and up through my neck and head. I feel her warm fingers slipping into my hair. I live for moments like this. 

I break the kiss. 

Her eyes are still closed when I take my place on my side of the table. She sighs and I know I have to speak first. 

"Elisa." She opens her eyes. "Marry me." She seems to contemplate this for a moment before responding. 


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