Letters To Adam

Elisa Hicks is a lonely twenty six year old who's got it bad for a man at her job, Adam Sharp. She becomes so over whelmed by her feelings for him that she begins to write him letters, not sure if he will get them or not. Adam soon returns his feelings and realizes what he's been missing, but their sappy romance has it's troubles. Adam wants to marry Elisa after only a month of being together and while Elisa knows she is in love with Adam, she is afraid to see the beauty he sees in her, in herself.

A/N: There are many musical references and some reference to adult content. If this may offend you, please do not read. Also, the YouTube links aren't working for me, so if you want to listen to the sings they mention, you'll have to manually research them. I know, the struggle.


9. Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Dear Adam,

I don't know what do say. Or write, rather. Is that true? I'm not afraid to say I love you. I do. I love you. But I don't know if marriage is... wise right now. We both have separate lives and combining them would cause chaos for both of us. Maybe we make a long term commitment and take the next step when we're ready. I'm not afraid and please don't be angry with me for not diving head first into this. 


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