Darkness. That's all I ever see. A not so inviting void of darkness. You're probably confused, I'll explain everything. My name is Blaze Payne and I am 19 years old and I'm also the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, Liam Payne from One Direction. You've probably never heard of me because Liam did not tell you or anyone for that matter, I have also been homeschooled. Liam is very protective over me because I'm blind. My exclusive life consists of the wonderful darkness. Note my sarcasm. How I became blind? By a car accident. I sat in the car with my dad, he lost control of the car for a millisecond and at that time we went over a bridge railing and down the highway below. The doctor thought that I would get back my sight but as years passed he stopped saying it on my visits, I stopped myself hope when I was 15, a year after the crash.


7. Chapter 7

I woke up with my worst headache so far. My head feelt like it would explode and the sound of the tv made it worse. I stood up and walked to the door with my hands in front of me. I didnt care about counting my steps and almost fell down the stairs.

"fuck!" i screamed as I hit the floor on the last step. I heard footsteps coming my way so i didn't care  about standing up. 

"Shit Blaze! Are you ok?" Liam said worried. i sighed.

"Help me to get to the kitchen." i said and Liam helped me up. I suddenly felt bad for being so mean to him all the time. 

"Im sorry Li, for being mean, and for whatever happend yesterday." I said. He was quiet for a while before he sighed.

"Blaze, im not mad at you for that. I was a dick too. Yesterday was just... not a good day." he mumbled. he sat me down on a kitchen chair and i heard him put somthing infront of me. I felt the smell of pancakes and found a fork and a knife and started to eat. Liamm gave me painkillers and turned of the TV. 

"The boys are asleep still. you want to do something? we can go out and do something." i shook my head. i only wanted to be home today.

my phone rang not long after that and i said aloud "answer" and with that i pressed the phone to my ear.

"Yeah?" I said and put a piece of pancake in my mouth.

"Blaze! I have wondeful news!" my doktor almost screamed in the phone. 

"Woo, benny, calm down. What is the news?" i asked.

"I know how to get your eye sight back." he said exited. i could only imagine the look on my face. My mouth hanging open.

"There is an surgery that can make you see again. Its a nerv in the back of your head that is clamped and through this surgery we can..."

"wait, how much does it cost? I dont need to know how you do it. Please, just tell me what i need to do." i said. 

"oh, it's quite expensive. And there will be a risk that you lose a part of your memory." He said and i almost screamed in joy.

"I do it! I do it! Get my eye sight back AND lose my memory?! Thats like the best thing ever happening to me!! So I wont remember the accident?" i asked. Benny was dead serius now.

"I don't know. There are only 5 people in the world who have done this surgery so far. and non of them remembered the past 5 years. do you really want to lose all those memorys. good and bad, before and after the accident? there is a 20% chanse that you don't lose all your memories. just some of them." he said. i didn't need too think about this. 

"I am that 20%. when can I do this surgery?"

"in one week we have specalists here to help." 

I spoke to him for a while more and when I hung up I told it all to Liam. He was a bit worried but tried not to show it in his voice. but i knew he was.

I called mom and told her about it and how much it would cost. Liam insisted on paying it witch made my mom happy. Niall was the first one to come down, 

"someone was screaming down here.." he complained and all the other boys came down when Niall just got somthing to eat. 

"Liam tell them!" i laughed. He stood behind me with all the boys standing up in front of me when he told them. 

"Im so happy!!" i screamed and stood up. without thinking i grabbed nearest face and kissed whoever it was on the lips. The person was shoked and i pulled away. the tansion shifted in the room. 

"This is such a great day! Liam I want to go to the cinema and watch a movie! Then when I can see i want to go back and see it again and feel the diffirence!" i laughed,.

"But what if you dont remember it. There is a big chanse you wont remember the past 5 years Blaze."  he said.

"Don't be such a buzz kill! Can we go now?" i asked.Louis let out a laugh.

"If you want to go to the movies dressed in your pyjamas." the tension was in the room again and i knew right away that it was because i kissed Louis. Liam wasn't happy.

"Li help me go to my room and pick out an outfit!" Liam did as i asked and as soon as the door to my room closed he started to talk.

"Why did you kiss Lou?" he was angry.

"I don't know. he was the first person i got a hold of. Oh liam i am so happy! don't ruin this for me."i said and he sighed. he was quiet as he picked out an outfit for me. whatever it was i put it on and prayed to god it looked good.  

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