Darkness. That's all I ever see. A not so inviting void of darkness. You're probably confused, I'll explain everything. My name is Blaze Payne and I am 19 years old and I'm also the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, Liam Payne from One Direction. You've probably never heard of me because Liam did not tell you or anyone for that matter, I have also been homeschooled. Liam is very protective over me because I'm blind. My exclusive life consists of the wonderful darkness. Note my sarcasm. How I became blind? By a car accident. I sat in the car with my dad, he lost control of the car for a millisecond and at that time we went over a bridge railing and down the highway below. The doctor thought that I would get back my sight but as years passed he stopped saying it on my visits, I stopped myself hope when I was 15, a year after the crash.


5. Chapter 5

I have never heard such loud screams in my entire life. When we stepped out of the car and would go against the house was all that was heard. Screaming girls. I put my hands to my ears to not be deaf and I already had a headache.

I had heard the boys sing, they were good, and their lyrics were  what these girls wanted to hear and such but it was not my style and I'm not really best friends with Liam at the moment so it was one of the reasons i did not like them .

I felt an arm around my waist that guided me towards the house and I knew it was Liam. I counted my steps and knew exactly when the first step to the door came. Liam loosed me and knew I could do me out of here myself.

"My head will explode if they 'll stand there and talk all the time. I made it just with you and now it's like 100 girls in the garden, get them to go." I whined. Liam sighed before he put a hand on my shoulder and I felt that he came closer to me. He kissed my forehead before he mumbled.

"It is not so simple, we can go out and take pictures and give them autographs but it may take several hours and it is not certain that they will go after it." he said and pulled me into a hug. I took a few deep breaths before I asked him to let me go.

"Can not we make a twittcam and explain everything, why we did not say anything about you Blaze? Are you on it with me?" Liam asked. The boys mumbled sure or okay and went into the living room to start the twittcam.

"Blaze , are you up to it ? The fans would like to see you and know everything about you."he said and I sighed and nodded. It would still happen sooner or later.


"Hello everyone, I wanted to do this twittcam to explain everything to you. You've probably seen photos of me, the guys and Blaze is on our way to and from the hospital. Blaze is my sister. Her full name is Blaze Isabelle Payne. The reason we wanted to keep her secret was to .. ' Laim hesitated before he finished the sentence, and I sighed .

"Because I'm Blind." I said. "We did not want anyone to know about me, so that I could have as normal a life as possible. As known as Liam and his friends here is it would be strange if no one came up to me and asked about him. I mean, it's like 100 girls outside right now and to you, if you look at this , can you please stop talking so loud and screaming. I hear very good and you make me deaf." I said. There was silence for a while in the room and I heard one of the girls outside screaming to the others to be quiet. I smiled big.

"Thank you." I thensaid.

"We have questions." I heard Harry say before he started reading up a name and a question.

"Why has not anyone seen the Blaze before? we Hacked an airport camera to see Harry doing nothing for hours but we did not know that Liam had another sister." he read aloud before he became quiet.

"that was probably the scariest thing I've read." he said after a while. I laughed.

"Even I knew that your fans did ​​that." I said, and I knew that everyone was watching me.

"What?! Just because I 'm blind does not mean I do not have twitter." I said and put my arms crossed.

"In response to your question is that we "Deleted" her life. We are close friends with her ​​doctor so he made sure that her file never came out and such. She got home teaching since she was 14 when I applied to the x -factor, since she went blind a few months before that." said Laim. He said the last thing quieter but I 'm sure that everyone heard.

"Hacked... An Airport cam!" Harry mumbled on, he sounded a little scared.

"Next question!" Niall said, laughing at Harry. They said the name, and read out a question.

"How well do you hear? I'm outside the house and if I talk higher than anyone else can you say aloud what I say? You know it was right if we shout." I nodded and listened outside the house. 

"I love One Direction, You saved so many lives." I heard a girl with a French accent say so I repeated what she said. 

"And she had a French accent." I said with and a few seconds later we heard a deafening scream. 

"It was pretty impressive Blaze." I heard Harry say and felt someone put his hand on my knee. 

"Harry, if you flirt with my sister I'll break your neck." I heard Liam say and I rolled my eyes. Harry removed his hand.

"Liam, you apologized to an ant after you had stepped on it, stop acting as if you're tough when you're an overgrown puppy. Do you remember what we used to call you before you became famous?" I said and started to smile big at the memory. 

"We called him ..." I started to say when a big hand associated Liam covered my mouth.

"Don't!" he asked with childlike voice. I smiled and he kept repeating that I would not say. I did not understand what the big deal was? Okay there were many who looked and everything but it was just a little nickname , which perhaps was embarrassing but it was fun. I licked the inside of his hand.

"Did you lick my hand?!" Liam shouted disgusted but did not remove his hand. I heard laughter both inside and outside. I bit his hand and then he released.

"You bit me!'' he shouted again and I took a deep breath before I almost screamed out his nickname.

"Softis!" I heard Liam move his body against me and I threw myself off the couch laughing.

"It's not even that bad Liam!" I said and laughed even louder and started running towards the toilet door with extending arms. I heard that Liam came up behind me and when I felt the wall, I immediately started looking for the toilet door but could not find it before Liam threw me over his shoulder.

"Liam let me the fuck down!" I shouted and banged on his back.

"No such words." he said, laughing .

" It was you who taught me that word so you have nothing to say about this!" I laughed.

"This is the happiest they have been together every since we got here." I heard Louis laugh. Suddenly I had an idee that would get Liam to put me down.

"If you do not put me down now, I will walk around naked in the house the rest of the week," I whispered in his ear and he stopped to jumping around.

"You would not ... " he said and I smiled .

"The boys have certainly not seen a naked girl in a long time, they would surely appreciate it." I whispered .

"Think what fun it would be." I said and he let me down but was still holding me back.

"Never say anything like that again, you make me want to puke."  he said and I started laughing.

"Uugh, I can not believe you fell for it!" I laughed.

"Now, Show me the way to the couch." I said and Liam turned around. Without thinking, I started to go and went straight into a wall. I fell backwards and landed on the floor. I blinked a few times before I realized that Liam guided me into a wall. I heard hysterical laughing. I put my head in my hands and pretended to cry. Everyone immediately stopped laughing .

"Shit, how are you?" Liam asked and I heard his voice was near me on the ground. I knew how he came closer and closer until I reached out and slapped him hard, straight across the face and got up slowly. The guys started laughing again and I did not hear Liam rise so that means he was still sitting on the ground.

I went where I heard the laughter and now I felt the couch with my hands.

"that was fun." I said and sat down on the couch and "accidentally" hit Harry .

"oi! Why did you do that?" he asked. I smiled at the way his voice came from.

"Just because Liam does not harm the ants does not mean I don't do, and I happen to hate it when people flirt with me." that's when I realized that we had a twittcam .

"do we still film?" I asked and heard Zayn say yes.

"it's over 30 million viewers." he said and I was silent before I started laughing out loud.

"I just hit two fifths parts of One Direction infront of 30 million people!" I heard Niall , Louis and Zayn laughing and I heard Liam went against us.

"I 'm glad you think it's fun," Liam said sarcastically.

"Oh quiet, you know you think it's fun." I said and smiled big against reverse his voice came from.

"@ Aleyy1D want to know if you've always had your eye color." said Louis. I chuckled.

"How should I know? What is my eye color Liam?" I said.

"You are the same as before." he said and I smiled big.

"Who is the greatest prankster of Laim and Blaze?" Zayn read. I thought for a while before I responded.

"I am, Laims jokes always end up me know he 'll do something. But again we have not seen for a long time. Liam will you remember when you turned 14?" I asked and he started laughing.

"Blaze had a surprise party for me and she was really bad at keeping it a secret, I thought. She tricked me to a store was completely empty and I was really disappointed and thought there was no celebration and when we got home all my friends were there with water guns and water balloons filled with something pink." he said, laughing.

"Another time she coloured my hair purple. It did not go out in a month." he laughed. It's been awhile since we behaved like this and it was nice .

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