Darkness. That's all I ever see. A not so inviting void of darkness. You're probably confused, I'll explain everything. My name is Blaze Payne and I am 19 years old and I'm also the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, Liam Payne from One Direction. You've probably never heard of me because Liam did not tell you or anyone for that matter, I have also been homeschooled. Liam is very protective over me because I'm blind. My exclusive life consists of the wonderful darkness. Note my sarcasm. How I became blind? By a car accident. I sat in the car with my dad, he lost control of the car for a millisecond and at that time we went over a bridge railing and down the highway below. The doctor thought that I would get back my sight but as years passed he stopped saying it on my visits, I stopped myself hope when I was 15, a year after the crash.


4. Chapter 4

"She really hate me, Lou. She's my little sister, what should I do?" Liam's voice was sad and I heard thathe cried. It was obvious that they were talking about me.

'You 're siblings, saying that, she does not hate you, but I've never seen someone as angry as her." Louis said softly to Liam. I could hear him sobbing and tried to stop crying .

I opened my eyes slowly , even though I knew it would not make any difference to me.

"Liam, you 're such a baby. Come here." I said slowly and I heard nothing except first breaths at first, but then I heard footsteps coming towards me and felt the bed I lied in the sink when he sat down. I fumbled with my hand to feel the other edge of the bed and pulled me against it as far as I could so that Liam could fit. When I felt him lay down next to me I sighed.

" I'm sorry I said I hate you, you hurt me when you're gone for so long and never calls or anything like that. I became blind while you became known and it was the time I needed you most." I mumbled and snuggled down my face in my big brother's shoulder. He smelled likre always, calvin harris parfume. I felt Liam take a deep breath before he started talking.

"It was not easy for me to call you and keep you a secret from the world and you will probably hate me for real when I finish talking but do not forget that I love you Blaze, I could not have a better sister" said he calmly. I was worried about what he would say that would make me hate him but right now, I was completely calm. I was fully aware that I had something inserted in my arm and guessed that I was in hospital and that there probably was some kind of medecine that made me calm.

"You know how the paparazzi and fans always follow me and the guys. Uh... When the ambulance came to pick you up at our house they where outside and they got quite a few pictures of you..."  he mumbled and I froze. Liam grabbed my hand and started to apologized and said he had never said anything if did not want to but he could not help me with the pictures.

"So they know that I'm your sister?" I asked , interrupting him.

"My fans have hacked into the security cameras at an airport. They have pictures of you and it probably will not take long for them to know everything about you, they will surely find your medical records without difficulty." he mumbled in response. He was lucky that I was tired and had that damn needle in me, otherwise I would probably pushed him off the bed. Before I say anything , someone opened the door to my room. The familliar smell of my doctor sneaked into the room and I smiled

"Ms. Payne! I thought we agreed on that just meet here on your specific times when I check your eyes." I heard my doctor dr. Hammer's voice say, and I smiled a little to the direction his voice came from. He was also Ryan's dad, that was how we met and we became best friends at once, im talking about me and Ryan of course.

"Dr.Hammers, I thought we settled on calling each other first names." I shot back and he chuckled. Dr.Hammers or as I say, Benny, walked around the room slowly .

"Do you have a headache or pain anywhere in your body?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Besides the fucking needle in my left arm is all good! Can you remove it? That thing makes me feel strange." I replied. I heard more footsteps and felt how he pulled the needle out of my arm.

"While you're here, I can get see your eyes a little. You know the deal, I 'll call Ryan when you're done! If you want me to of course. Open your eyes as much as you can." he rambeled.

I knew he was doing something in front of my eyes but I could not see it and I was so frustrated. I sighed angrily .

"Still nothing ? You can not discern light and darkness?" he asked and I shook my head. He sighed and walked around a bit in the room again. Liam's hand clutching at my bit and right now I did not care about his fans would soon know. 

"So, you came here because you had a panic attack and hyperventilated before you fainted. The reason we had to drug you was because you started screaming and kicking in sleep. I told them that it was just your dreams but they insisted that we had to get you as calm as possible. You can go whenever you want, I fill out your paperwork. I'll call Ryan?" I nodded and said yes before I heard footsteps and a door slammed .

"He seemed happy" Louis muttered and I laughed a little.

"His son Ryan just got a girlfriend. He will meet her for the first time today, according to Ryan." I replied. I never liked Ryan's girlfriend, perhaps because she hated me and called me a freak when Ryan did not hear, but I had not the heart to tell him .

"where are the others anyway?" I asked to change the subject. I had not seen them yet.

"Dad had to fly at their conference a day earlier and mom went with him because they would attend a dinner where you would take with anyone. They'll be home next week and left me in charge." he said. I let my eyes lying there I thought his face was, I knew it would make him feel uncomfortable.

"Liam ! You forgot to say that they greeted her they love her and that they are sorry that they have to go!" I heard Louis say. I started laughing, it was funny. The door to the room opened again.

'Blazeeeee! What the hell are you doing here ? You promised you'd hang out with me until Brittny came" I heard Ryan almost screaming in my ear. I could imagine how he smiled so big he could.

"you little bastard, do you want me to be deaf?!" I shouted back .

"wow, someone is on their period." he joked , and I put my arms crossed and pretended to be hurt. He ignored me.

"Hey! Liam! It 's been a while! Sorry that I'm saying it but your sister is more fun than you.'' he laughed.

Ryan and Liam used to go in the same class, Ryan was a year older than me and Liam were 2 but Ryan had to go up a class. He was a genius.

Liam's laughter interrupted my thoughts.

One Direction, me and Ryan and debated over who would get to drive home. Louis wanted to drive but no one else wanted him to, Niall had just gotten his driver's license but Zayn claimed he only got it because he was famous.

"You guys give me headaches Ryan may drive or I'll stay here." I said and stood up. Ryan took my arm as soon as I stood up and chuckled at me while we started walking towards the exit. I heard how the others went after us. Suddenly he stopped.

"Aah, I forgot to say one thing. There are packs of paparazzi out there." he said. I sighed loudly and Liam started to apologize again .

"Liam shut up and get me out of here. I hear patients scream and it is very disturbing, so if you take me to the car, without I get killed, I will not scream at you on day." I said and massage my temples .

"Yep you are defenetivt on your period." stated Ryan and got a slap on the arm from me. The best thing with Ryan was his smell, citrus. He always smelld the same thing but today he smellt a bit different but it was better... dont get me wrong here. I love Ryan but only as a friend. He is like my second brother.

"I'm not on my period so if you could shut up you with so I can get home and actually eat something." I hissed. He chuckled and hooked his arm in my and I felt someone grabbed my other. Probably Liam. As soon as we were past the hospital doors, I heard the clicking sound from the cameras and screaming. Questions were thrown back and forth. 'Why did not you tell us about your blind sister?' was the one that got my attention. Yup, now everyone knew. We made our way to the car and I sat completely silent all the way while everyone else joked and laughed. Ryan had to go to his date but drove us to my house.

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