Darkness. That's all I ever see. A not so inviting void of darkness. You're probably confused, I'll explain everything. My name is Blaze Payne and I am 19 years old and I'm also the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, Liam Payne from One Direction. You've probably never heard of me because Liam did not tell you or anyone for that matter, I have also been homeschooled. Liam is very protective over me because I'm blind. My exclusive life consists of the wonderful darkness. Note my sarcasm. How I became blind? By a car accident. I sat in the car with my dad, he lost control of the car for a millisecond and at that time we went over a bridge railing and down the highway below. The doctor thought that I would get back my sight but as years passed he stopped saying it on my visits, I stopped myself hope when I was 15, a year after the crash.


3. Chapter 3

I took a deep breath to prevent myself to slap Liam again. How stupid could you be?

"No Liam! DO NOT tell your fans about me!" I shouted. How could he just change his mind in ten seconds. First he said he did not want to tell anybody and now he wants to tell everybody.

"Come on Blaze! They deserves to know! You know how angry boys was because I did not tell them!" he shouted back. His breathing was heavy and his voice angry, but I was angrier. Just because he change his mind does not mean I will.

"But what about me?! I will not be able to do shit about it will lots of fans and paparatzzi up to me and ask shit about you!" I replied with a bit more controlled voice. He could not do this to me! Breaths from the other guys were heard, and I realized that they were in the same room. Mom and Dad had been stupid enough to leave us alone for the day.

"But you will notice them if they will use your eyes!" he shouted back but stopped himself when he realized what he said.

"You know, it's not you who is blind, it's not like you can no longer see any color other than black! It is not you who just have one fucking friend, just because everyone is so damn afraid and ask if I'm contagious just to piss me off! I had to be home-schooled just because that damn accident. I hate you Liam! You got that?! You left me when I needed you and now I hate you and there's nothing you can do about it!" I screamed at him with tears running down my cheeks. His words had hit a point in me that could not take the hit. He held his breath .


"Blaze, come on, you know I did not mean it." he tried but I did not accept his excuses.

"Liam , do you remember when we were little and used to play that a game where one person was blind and everyone else ran and hid and the blind person would find them? Everyone cheated on it and peeked anyway. My life is like that, but I can not peek. If It would help to get back my sight , I would cut off my arm or a leg, but everyone knows that I will never regain my sight and you left me when I had it the hardest."

"Did you even know that I graduated one year early? Do you know what day my birthday is on? You never call me. You certainly did not knew I can say what  Hertz all the piano keys has, just by the sound of it. You have not been home in 2 years, and now you come back. Mom and dad are certainly very happy but not me and since they are not home and you do not live here anymore, you take your friends and leave the house!"

As soon as the words left my mouth I felt someone stormed past me. Then I heard the following steps from the other guys who went after Liam. The front door was closed and screams and questions were heard. 

'Liam why are you crying?' 'Why are you leaving Liam's house?' 'Where are you going?' 'Liam are you okay?' 'omg I Love you guys!' 'One Direction we love you!' While Liam was out with all his fans, his best friends and the whole world, I was sitting here alone. 

It's hard to be blind, you can not do anything that any normal person would do and it was frustrating for me.I had always lived my life in a special way and now I cant do that anymore.

 I sighed loudly and started walking towards the living room, to the piano. I sat in the chair and pulled my hands over the keys gently. 

"Key A is 220.0 hz, Key B is 246.9 hz, Key C is 130.8 hz, Key D is 146.8 hz, Key E is 164.8 hz, Key F is 174.6 Hz and the key G is 19.0 hz." I mumbled to myself while I pressed the keys I said the name of.


I had stopped playing the piano now and just stared into the darkness , my eyes were closed and I concentrated on the smell of the security of home. The smell of Liam and the rest of one direcion also hung there in the air. Maybe I was harsh on Liam, but he deserved it. I did not hate him, but right now I didn't love him. I felt nothing when I was near him. Not happiness, not hate, not love, not security. I always felt alone, but I felt nothing around Liam. I just felt hopeless. He was everything I dreamed of and now I can never get it myself.

The door of the house opened and I heard this my parents' voices together with the boys. I ignored them and began to play the piano. I thought of all the times I heard people whispering about me , about all the times I've gone with Ryan on a road when it was just us two and then heard footsteps and when Ryan greeted and received attention they quickly ran the other way just because I was with him.

"oh my god , it's the blind girl." "Hurry to go! She might be contagious!" I let the tears fall down my cheeks. No one was in the room right now anyway so they'd hardly notice. "uhg , check it's Blaze! Be quiet so she does not know we 're here!" "What happened to her?" "Her father collided with her ​​in the car, guess he does not want to know of her." "she's so weird, why she stare at me" "Blaze Hey! Did you see the new movie in the cinema?" "Blaze! Did not find the sunglasses today?"

I did not realize I just banged on the piano keys until I felt my mother's hands on my shoulders. I got up and quickly found a wall and took me to my room and shut and locked the door. I sat down on the floor with my head between my knees.
"ugh, Blaze, did not you see what you dressed up in today? oh, that's right ... hahaha" "Hey , watch your step! Blaze, I know you're blind but come on! it is not that hard" "I think she 's faking, I mean, her eyes have that strange color but she has not always had it?"  "You can't do it by yourself you are blind."  "Blaze, what color is my shirt?" I screamed out my frustrations while all the bad conversations and comments spun around in my head.

I heard my dad's voice outside the door but I did not hear what he said. He began to talk louder and soon heard thumps against the door. I cried again when I saw the picture of our car as we went down to the highway below us. I saw how we were thrown over the edge and felt the pain in my head when I hit the window pane. 

Arms wrapped around me and I did not care about who they belonged to, I just pushed them away, while I grabbed my hair and attempted to remove the images. I heard voices talking, but they sounded like they were far away. I drew in a breath, but I did not get enough air and after a while I struggled to get enough oxygen. Everything was blurred and I felt very tired so I closed my eyes and were pulled deeper into the darkness.

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