Darkness. That's all I ever see. A not so inviting void of darkness. You're probably confused, I'll explain everything. My name is Blaze Payne and I am 19 years old and I'm also the sister of Liam Payne. Yes, Liam Payne from One Direction. You've probably never heard of me because Liam did not tell you or anyone for that matter, I have also been homeschooled. Liam is very protective over me because I'm blind. My exclusive life consists of the wonderful darkness. Note my sarcasm. How I became blind? By a car accident. I sat in the car with my dad, he lost control of the car for a millisecond and at that time we went over a bridge railing and down the highway below. The doctor thought that I would get back my sight but as years passed he stopped saying it on my visits, I stopped myself hope when I was 15, a year after the crash.


2. Chapter 2

" Liam! It is so good to have you here again! And look Geoff, he has the other boys with him! Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall! You must be starving! Come on in!" The familiar sound of my mother's voice echoed in the house. He had the balls to take with his friends, even though neither of us wanted them to know about me. Wonderful, the blind girl has to hide for a week. Good thinking Liam. I listened to all their excited voices while they greeted each other with hugs and kisses.

"Uh , I'll just go to the bathroom." I heard Liam say and I could only imagine the look he must have gave to mom, who I remember he used to do when we were younger, when I could actually see. I heard footsteps on the stairs when he came up and towards my room.

"Blaze, where are you?" he asked in a low voice as he stood in the hall. He knew my hearing was excellent since the accident .

"I am here Liam." I replied loud enough that only he could hear. I heard his footsteps approaching my room and when the door opened, I heard how he breathed out and I could feel the smell fom his perfume.

"Blaze , I'm so sorry I took them with me. They wanted to see mom and dad again and when I said no, they started ask questions and I could not answer , so they went with me." he said quickly before I could says anything . I sighed and sat up in my bed and let my eyes be on the point I think he was standing on .

"Liam , do you understand that I'm blind and won't be able to find a place to hide out if they're coming towards my direction? Could not you have lied or something?!" I said angrily . I had not noticed that I raised his voice until I heard Niall asked who it was that was here on the floor underneath us. Luckily, my mother said that it must have been Liam he heard .

"They already know that someone is here because you made me raise your voice! And when should I eat? I can't sit with you Liam." I hissed quieter this time . All I heard was silence and the smell was gone. Liam had left. I let out a frustrated sigh and lay down on the bed again .

I continued to concentrate on what was happening on the floor below me .
"You guys can share Liam's, Nicola's and Ruth's room? It 's been awhile since they used them." I heard my mom say.

I quickly got tired of their conversations, so I started listening to the rain pattering against the window instead. I sat up from my bed and walked the three steps it took to get to a wall. I then pulled my hand across the wall until I found my window. I opened it carefully and stretched out my arm to feel the water hit my hand. I smiled .

Rain was my favorite weather, it was not until the weather you could feel, hear and smell. I could not know if it was sunny , just that it was hot. I could not know if it was cloudy , just that it was cool . But the rain , I could feel how the water drops hit my skin , how it rattled when they struck the ground or smattered against the windows. I could breath in the smell of a rainy day and I loved it. That's why I liked it so much. I bit my lip and tried to prevent myself to sit and smile like an idiot, because of the rain.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I knew that it was my mother because of the way the floorboards creaked. The door to my room opened and she came in. I could smell food so I pulled my hand inside and closed the window.

"I brought food for you, sweetheart." She said and helped me to put me in my bed before she placed a plate in my lap and cutlery in my hands.

"Why did Liam had to bring his stupid friends? I will not even be able to walk outside my room!" I said and put a piece of food in your mouth. Mom stroked my back in an attempt to calm me down.


I was awakened by my own screams and I heard the course footprints. I put my hand over the heart in an attempt to get it to beat normally. After 3 secunds the door to my room brust open and I felt how someone sat down on the edge of my bed. Liam .

"Shhh , it's going to be okay, you 'll be fine." he repeated , rocking me back and forth in his arms. I did not notice I was crying until I felt Liam's shirt got wet. I heard more footsteps and then rememberd that Liam had his friends here. It was already too late to do something. I heard someone gasp and I guess it was Liam's friend.

'"Did you have to bring them here?" I asked.

"Yes, of course, they're like my brothers. I already have content you secret for years. I had to." He mumbled. He had replaced me, his blind sister, for the four brothers who have nothing wrong with themselves and can sing, the feeling in my stomash was painful and I felt lost. I started to push him away but he would not let me.

"Liam if you do not release me within 5 seconds, so I'm going to hit you in the face ." I hissed. We heard someone clearing his throat at the door.

"Umm, Liam, who's that ? ' I heard Niall question. Hos voice was angelic and he had an Irish accent, thats how I kne it was him.

"This is my sister, Blaze. She is blind." The last thing he said made ​​me want to die.

Liam had not released me yet so I put my hands in his face to know where his jaw was. He let me go quickly when he realized what I'd do, but I was faster. My fist made ​​contact with Liam's jaw, and I heard how he fell down on the floor. He groaned and I heard footsteps walking towards him and more footsteps in the hallway outside my room and soon felt the welcoming smell of my parents.

"Geoff, take down the guys in the kitchen and let Liam explain everything to them." I heard my understanding and loving mothier say.

"No, let Liam stay here, we would just become best friends again and look at the stars. No wait! I forgot that I can't, I'm blind." I said angrily before I stood up from my bed and put my hand against my wall and walked towards the door. I stopped fast when I felt someone's breath against my forehead and the smell of mint and something sweet I couldn't really place.

"If the person standing in front of me does not move, you'll end up on the floor with Liam." I said with a steady voice,and I felt the floorboards swing as whoever it was in front of me moved. I took a step out in the corridor so that I had no hand against the wall, before I turned to the left. I then took seven steps forward and then took the right so that I was standing with my face toward the bathroom door. I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

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