5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


16. You're sick and he dosen't know what to do

16# You're sick and he dosen't know what to do

A/n- This is rather cute

Luke: You were set up on the couch, tissues on one side and a large bottle of water on the other. Luke came into the room, holding two different bottles in his hands, examining the labels. “Which one do you think would work better?’ he asked showing you the two different brands. “Just that one will be fine,” you croaked, pointing to the one in his left hand. Luke nodded, unscrewing the lid, and pouring two of the tablets into his hand. “Two’s enough right? Or do you need more? Do you need some water?” You nodded. “Two’s enough, some water would be great.” Your voice was growing faint so it was difficult for you to relay the information to your boyfriend. Five minutes later, Luke came back with a glass of water, allowing you to take the medicine that would hopefully relieve some of the pressure in your head. “Uh… do you need anything else?” You could almost see the wheel turning in his head, thinking if there was anything else you needed. Shaking your head, you settled back into your pile of blankets. Luke sat at your feet, pulling the blankets back and grabbing one of your feet. “What’re you doing?” you laughed, coming out as a raspy whisper. “Rubbing your feet. I thought it would maybe help you feel better?” You just fell back into the pillows. “Well we’ll see.” Your eyes shut and you just enjoyed it as your confused boyfriend continued to rub your feet.

Calum: "Is this supposed to happen? What if something’s wrong? Maybe I should call your doctor." He asked, as if you could answer. You were hunched over the toilet, your body getting rid of all its contents from the night before. Just one side effect of being pregnant. Once you were able to speak, you looked up at him. "Calum, this is normal," you stated weakly, falling against the wall. "It’s normal for you to be puking your guts out at 6am?" Calum looked almost shocked. "Yes Calum." His expression changed to one of disgust and then sympathy. "I’m sorry…" He knelt in front of you. "I guess I forgot." You smiled at him weakly. "It’s okay.. Can we just go back to bed?" "Of course." He picked you up gently, carrying you back into the bedroom and setting you down, but his arms never once unwrapped from your body. "We have all day to relax, so don’t worry about a thing." He pulled the blanket up over your bodies, bringing you into his side. His fingers ran up and down your back, soothing the discomfort in your stomach. "It’ll all be worth it in the end."

Michael: Another coughing attack. You tried to catch your breath, but just like the previous ones, it was nearly impossible. Michael didn’t know what to do. He just sat there on the edge of the bed and watched with a worried expression. Once you were finally able to get a breath in again, he’d move up closer to you, taking your hands in his larger ones while you breathed heavily. “Just take deep breaths,” he reminded you, looking you in the eyes. Falling back into the soft bed, you let out a groan, both in pain and frustration. “I can barely breath.” A sad expression crossed Michael’s features. “I’m sorry love…” You shook your head. “Nothing you can do about it.” Your eyes shut and you felt his presence move next to you, the covers lifting up and a body settling next to you. The next thing you felt were arms going around your smaller frame. “I’m sorry I can’t help more,” he whispered, pulling your upper body into his.”It’s okay… Having you with me is enough.” It was almost if you could feel the smile on his face spread through his heart as it began to beat faster. “Just sleep love. And I’ll be here when you wake up.” Smiling and nodding, you drifted off, already starting to feel better as your boyfriend kept you close.

Ashton: "What do you need? Uh, I can get you a cold cloth? Some soup? Do you need more blankets?" Ashton listed pretty much everything you could imagine, but you had stopped him before he could continue. "Ash, I’m fine," you chuckled, only to have it turn into a loud, barking cough. "You’re not fine," he said, walking over to the bed. "You’re sick… and I don’t know how to take care of you," he finished, pouting out his bottom lip. "Ashton, I’m okay. You’ve done enough already. Just come lie with me please?" You moved over slightly and patted the bed next to you. His shoulders lost the tension as he nodded and came over next to you. The minute you felt his body heat next to you, you relaxed and smiled. "You’re warm," you smiled, cuddling up into Ashton’s side. "Is that a good thing?" he asked, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You simply nodded. "Just let me know if you need anything okay?" You nodded again and the room grew quiet, the only sound being the two of you breathing peacefully.

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