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41. You're mentioned in an interview

You're mentioned in an interview

A/n - hi cuties, how are you all todayyyyyyyy

Luke: A smile is prominent on his face as the interviewer changed to the subject of girlfriends. Since you hadn’t gone public with your relationship yet and there were rumors going around like crazy, he was ready to announce that it was true that you two were in a relationship and had been for the past two months. The interviewer looks down at the card in her hands for a moment before she locks eye contact with Luke, a small smile on her face, “So, Luke,” She starts in a chirpy tone as the picture of the two of you holding hands and walking down the street is thrown up on the screen behind the group. “Is this picture photoshopped or is it true that you’re dating the infamous (Y/N)?” She asks the huge question that Luke had been holding his breath to answer. Luke scoots up on the couch between Michael and Ashton as he leans over on his knees, smiling widely. “It’s not photoshopped, ma’am. (Y/N) and I have been together for about two months now, she’s really great.” He smiles. “I really like her, and I’m glad we finally got to be open about our relationship.” He finishes, earning loud cheers from the crowd before them.

Ashton: "Don’t tell me you dumped her after?" The interviewer leans closer to Calum as the tanned boy continues to laugh during his story about the last time he had a girlfriend. He’d just concluded telling about how they’d slept together one night and she popped the big ‘L’ word before Calum was ready. "No, no! I didn’t dump her, surprisingly she dumped me because I didn’t respond right away." He chuckles, finishing the story. The interviewer nods his head with a chuckle and turns towards Ashton, a huge smile written across his face as he leaned closer. "I’ve heard quite a lot of things stirring up about your relationship, Ashton. I take it your girlfriend (Y/N) doesn’t get along with your fans very well?" He asks, and Ashton rolls his eyes and shakes his head while crossing his arms over his chest. "It’s not that she doesn’t get along with the fans, really. (Y/N)’s just one of those girls that doesn’t care to retort an insult at you when you’re being rude or disrespectful towards her, and most fans seem to take it that she’s a bitch-" Michael cuts in before Ashton can finish talking, "She’s not a bitch. She doesn’t take anyone’s bull and that’s why we all love (Y/N)." Ashton smiles at the end of his friend’s statement as the interviewer nods his head and the interview moves forward.

Calum: His heart speed went up about 3,000 miles as the interviewer pulled out her card for the next subject and her eyes landed on Calum, her eyes narrowing and a smirk forming on her lips as a picture of the two of you drinking together at a bar a few weeks ago is thrown up on the screen behind them. “So Calum, we hear you’ve been getting really close to a miss (Y/N) lately?” She asks in a chirpy voice, though Calum could tell by her tone and body language that she was just waiting for him to say the wrong thing for the tabloids to make him out to be some kind of gross, inconsiderate and sexist pig. Calum cleared his throat quickly before he straightened his posture and tried to present himself professionally. “Well, (Y/N) and I are just friends at the moment. We go out together for drinks occasionally and there could possibly something happening between us in the future.” He smiles, proud with his answer as the interviewer raises her eyebrows and nods, trying hard not to show her disappointment as the interview goes on.

Michael: "Is there really anything better than family?" The interview smiles, concluding the past subject of families and visiting with them while on tour. He sparks a new interest and turns towards Michael with a huge grin across his face with his eyes wide as he leant towards the younger boy who now felt uncomfortable since the attention was going to be obviously put on him. "Speaking of family, didn’t your girlfriend (Y/N) just give birth to your son not even a month ago, Michael?" The interviewer asks, and Michael calms himself as he nods his head ever so slightly and smiles. "She did, and it’s been hard on her having to be a new mother alone while I’m on tour, but she’s been doing great from what I can tell when we talk." He answers, and the interviewer nods his head but presses on for more. "So, you two aren’t engaged, but you live together and you’ve now got this beautiful baby. When do you think you’ll settle down with this girl and start an actual future together?" The interviewer asks again, as Michael and the rest of the 5sos boys get so quiet and serious. Michael grins slightly as he shrugs his shoulders and begins his answer to the question. "(Y/N) and I have been together for an unbelievably long amount of time, and I really do love her. I see a future for us together, but I don’t think either of us is completely ready for marriage yet, but when the time comes and we’re ready I think we’ll know."

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