5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

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13. You're a vampire

13# You're a vampire

A/n- Idk why I did this man, super bored this dosen't even make sence
Michaels is really long. I didn’t mean to make it like that but oh well

Ashton: "So, how old are you?" Ashton asked from beside me. I looked at him and then back at my hands. "I don’t think you want to know." I mumbled. "You’re right, but still tell me." "I’m 18." "Okay,now how old are you really?" I bit my lip and played with my thumbs. "213." Ashton nodded and grabbed my hand. "Well i’ve always liked older women." He laughed, and kissed my cheek. "So you’re okay with me being a vampire?" I asked hesitantly. He nodded and wrapped an arm around me. "Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool."

Luke: "So you’re like the practical vampire." Luke asked eyeing me from across the room. "I don’t know what that’s suppose to mean." furrowed my eyebrows. "Can you not eat onions? Or go in the sun. Can you turn into a bat?" "I can eat onions. I can go in the sun if my skin is covers up. And yes I can turn into a bat." "Do you kill people?" "No." "Do you drink blood?" "Yes. Luke, is this 21 questions?" I asked crossing my arms. "N-no. I just, d-don’t understand." He stuttered. "What don’t you understand." I sighed. "How do you not kill anyone, when you drink their blood?" I rolled my eyes at his question. It was simple wasn’t it. "I only drink a little. You know when you go to a blood drive. I take about that much from the person. It doesn’t hurt them at all." I stated. "And plus,they don’t remember afterwards." Luke was silent after that. Probably thinking of something else to ask. "Have you ever drank my blood?" How did I know he was going to ask that. I smiled and shrugged. "I guess you’ll never know."

Calum: Caum and I sat across from each other at my kitchen table. Silence filled the room. Neither of us knew what to say. I had just told Calum that I was a vampire, and nothing was said after that. “Please tell me you’re lying.” Calum broke the silence, not looking at me. “I wish I could, but i’m not.” I muttered. Calum sighed and shifted in his seat. “I’ve read a lot and seen a lot of movies about vampires. Are you dangerous?” Calum asked finally looking at my dark red eyes. ” No, have you seen twilight?” I asked, Calum nodded his head. “Did you read the vampires assistant?” I asked, and Calum nodded again. “Okay,well i’m like a cross between those vampires.” “How?” “Well, I drink blood from humans, but I don’t cause them any harm. Like in the vampires assistant. And I can go in the sun and I have 'powers' like in twilight.” Calum opened his mouth to say something, but the closed it. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat back in his chair. “What kind of powers?” He asked, trying to hide his smile. “Come out side and i’ll show you.” I smiled right back.

Michael: "So, when were you born?" Michael asked. Turning on the recorder. I licked my lips, and cleared my throat. "1320." "Tell me about yourself." He said. I sighed and put my elbows on the table in front of me. "What is there to tell." I started. "I was born in Italy. To my mother and father. What they called the black death came around the time I was 28. And my father and mother both died from it. I had a child,she was about 4 and I was also carrying another at the time." "Did you have a husband?" Michael asked. I nodded. "He died a month after I found out I was pregnant for the second time." "So how does the whole vampire thing come into play?" "Well, after my second child was born. I met a guy, he was more then charming. He had a way with words and he was gorgeous. He played with me like I was a toy. So one night I went to this party. That was at his house, and I guess you could say one thing lead to another and Later I found out I was carrying his child. He continued to talk and a year after our baby was born. I went to his house. Leaving my children with the nanny. I couldn’t recall everything that happened that night but I remember waking up in my bed. My clothes were gone and everything was covered in blood. I went through a very painful week. It honestly felt like I was dying. Which of course I was, but I had no idea what was happening. No one would explain it to me. After that week, I felt better. Better than I felt in a long time. The man, came back and the first thing he said was, "now I can have you forever." I said. Wincing at the memory. "Are you still with the other vampire?" Michael asked with wide eyes. I shook my head and wiped my tears. "No, after a few years I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take all the pain he caused me, and so I left. I took my kids and got onto a boat and came here." "Are your kids vampires too?" I nodded sadly "Two of them, the other died before they hit the age of ten." "Did you turn them?" I shook my head at his question. Michael stayed quiet after that. "I still feel like he knows where I am. I feel like he’s watching me." I said quietly. Michael grabbed my hand from across the table. "I could always help if you’d like." I laughed at his comment and shook my head. "Thank you, but I don’t think that would be a good idea." Michael nodded and stood up. He took his hand in mine and shook it. "Thank you for letting me interview you." "It was my pleasure."

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