5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


51. You show your tattoo.

51# You show your tattoo.

A/n - oh..

Ashton: You pulled the sleeve of your shirt up above your elbow, showing off the newly black ink. “It’s a sunrise.” You whispered quietly as Ashton took your wrist in his large hands. “I wanted to get it for you, because you’re the only bright thing in my life. I just thought it was something you’d want.” You shrugged, looking away from him. “Because you’re my sunshine.” You felt his hand tighten around your arm and before you could say anything he took your face in his hands and pulled you into a hard kiss. You could feel his tear his your cheek.

Calum: You pull the sleeve of Calum’s old shirt up your shoulder and peel off the white bandage to reveal the light feather cascading down your arm. “You know I always wanted my first tattoo to be a feather, and I couldn’t help about thinking about you.” You smile as Calum laid his fingers down the new blemish. “And I know you already had one, and I may look like a copy cat but, now it’s like we’re from the same flock. We’ve been together for so long and it’s like we’ll always be best friends, even if we grow apart.” He looks over at you with a bright smile, his teeth shining as he pulls you into a warm hug, being careful of your shoulder.

Luke: “Is it a little much?” You ask, giving Luke a shy smile. He just shakes his head, tracing the lines of your arm. “What made you get a rose?” You just shrug, moving your arm out a little for him to get a better look. “I guess I just wanted something beautiful, something that’s so iconic you’d write a song about it.” You giggle, poking his side with your elbow as he holds onto your arm. “I might just have to.” He whispers, a blush creeping onto his cheeks as he smiled.

Michael: You hold your wrist out as Michael helps you take off the bandage. “I still can’t believe you got a tattoo.” He shakes his head with a laugh, but turns serious as the heart-shaped key comes into view. You watch as a small smile appeared on his lips and you blush. “It’s for you.” You try to meet his eyes, but he doesn’t break vision with the new ink. “I know it may be crazy because it’s only been a little over a year, but I just wanted you to know that you have my heart.” He bit his lip as he lets go of your wrist, running into the next room only to come back with a black sharpie. “I know I don’t have your heart, but you do now have the key to mine.” He smiled, uncapping the marker and drawing a small heart on the other side of his wrist from yours. 

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