5 Seconds Of Summer Preferences/Imagines

This is some 5SOS preferences/imagines only for your enjoyment ;) I would be nice if you'd leave some feedback. Thank you!


23. You find the ring

23# You find the ring


Ashton: Putting your car in park, you quickly open the door and run through drizzling rain to the front door. You shake off raindrops from your jacket and hair and kick off your shoes, letting them skid somewhere underneath the coat hanger. You smile, hearing Ashton, your boyfriend, and his mom, Anne, talking in hushed voices in the kitchen of yours and Ashton’s apartment. When you walk around the crème colored wall, you lean against it as you watch him giggle excitedly as he held up his phone in front of her. You take a step forward and kiss the back of his neck. “Whatcha looking at, babe?” you ask, causing both Ashton and Anne to jump.

“Babe!” he yelps, quickly locking his phone and shoving it into his pocket. You raise a questioning eyebrow as he looks away, blushing. “I, uhh… I didn’t think you’d be home yet.” You look from your boyfriend to his mother and back to him.

“Umm… what’s going on, guys?” Anne and you both look to your boyfriend as he stutters. Anne looks away, avoiding eye contact.

“I, ummm…. I need to go shower before our d-dinner date tonight.” Ashton jumps up, scampering up the stairs after quickly pecking your cheek. It only takes a few seconds for the shower to come to life. You hesitantly turn back to Anne but she just smiles warmly in a mothering way.

“I better get going so you can get ready for your dinner tonight.” She chokes up a little at the last part before pulling you into a tight embrace. “Have fun.” she grins, pulling away and grabbing her keys before you can say anything, walking out the front door..

What was going on?

Confused, you go up the stairs to the master bedroom and Ashton’s voice immediately floods from the other side of the door. Your eyes flicker to his phone that rests on the nightstand, tempting and teasing at your curiosity. You knew that Ashton wouldn’t be in the shower much longer and if you were going to figure out what he was showing Anne on his phone, you’d have to look now.

Your nervous fingers slide across the number to unlock his phone and begin to scroll through his already open picture gallery. A recent photo of him catches your eye and you gasp, your fingers zooming past his face and to the open velvet box in his hand in the picture. A large, round, and silver diamond ring glitters next to his face as he grins proudly, his dimples more prominent with his excitement. Your hands begin to shake before a text from Luke vibrates the phone.

Good luck tonight man! Hope everything goes as planned!!

Wait…. was he planning on proposing tonight??!

The shower shuts off and you’re quick to lock his phone, setting it back on the table. Your heart is pounding as the bathroom door opens and Ashton emerges from it with a towel around his waist and water drops dripping from his hair to his tanned chest. He smiles warily to you as you stare at him, shocked, and butterflies erupting in your stomach as you thought of what Ashton held in store for you tonight.

“Everything okay?” he asks, worriedly. You nod, walking to him and kissing him softly with a grin, walking past him to the bathroom as your grin grows wider with anticipation.

Michael: You’re waiting on the opposite side of the barrier from fans at the airport. Excited chatter chirps behind you as they talk about the boys finally returning home from a five month tour. You would’ve known they had walked out even if you hadn’t been watching for them by the giddy screams that grew in volume behind you.

Four, extremely tired looking boys walk from the terminal, their faces immediately turning to grins when they saw the fans anxiously waiting for them.

Ashton, Calum, and Luke walk to the overjoyed fans, immediately snapping pictures and signing papers. Michael, however, has only eyes for you and quickly pulls you into an embrace, kissing you roughly. As soon as his lips are apart from yours, he’s kissing every part of your face he can, making you giggle. He pulls you tight to him, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “God,” he mumbles, squeezing you tighter to him. “I missed you so fucking much.”

“I missed you too, baby.” He holds you a second longer before pulling away and taking your hand. “Ready to go home?” He nods, picking up his luggage in the other hand before walking with you to the waiting car.


Michael began kissing you roughly, pressing you against the wall, his hands roaming your body. He pulls away to kiss your neck, or so you thought, until he yawns. “Am I that bad of a kisser?” you tease. He quickly shakes his head, his eyes wide.

“No! I’m sorry, it’s just jetlag, but let’s keep going.” He moves his mouth back to yours but soon is quickly pulling away to yawn again. You laugh, gently pushing him away from you and taking his hand to lead him to the bedroom.

You pull back the comforter as he stands behind you, one hand on your waist and the other rubbing lazily at his eyes. You lead him to lie down and pull the blanket over him, tucking it under his chin. “Nooo, babe.” he frowns, his eyelids heavy.

“We can finish later.” you coo, kissing his cheek. “Right now, get some sleep.” He nods, turning to his side and quietly falling into light snores. You slowly shut the door and go back to the entryway to pick up his heavy, leather suitcase, dragging it to the laundry room.

You begin the never ending job of washing his clothes. This was the only bad thing about Michael coming home from tour was cleaning his clothes. He always brought home more than he originally packed. Still, if it meant he was back home with you, you didn’t mind.

First, were his t-shirts and tank tops that he wore usually during concerts. With each armful, they seemed to stink more and more, the scent reeking into your nose. These had obviously not been washed once when on the road. You hold your breath, dumping the rest of the shirts into the already full washer. After starting it, you begin to separate the rest of his clothes into baskets. After his underwear was sorted, you begin on his pants, digging through pockets to clean them out.

As you’re digging out assorted treasures such as candy wrappers or change, you come across something small and hard. Your fingers skim over the rough surface before pulling it out with a gasp, dropping his pants to the floor. In your hand, sparking under the fluorescent light of the washroom, was a diamond ring, its several large diamonds shimmering, as your thoughts meshed together.

Did Michael finally get the hint that you were ready for the next step in your relationship?

Luke: Luke continues shuffling through the junk in the apartment all day, digging through drawers and even going through the garbage can at one point. You don’t question it, though. Seeing him go through trash wasn’t something you wanted to know the reason to it. After watching him for several minutes, you shake your head, motioning to the bedroom. “I’m uh… gonna go pack, alright, baby?” He nods, running a hand anxiously through his hair and gnawing on his lip ring.

“Yeah, okay.” he mumbles, his eyebrows creasing together and his foot tapping noisily on the tile. You nod, turning to walk to the bedroom. You two were planning on a much needed vacation. Though Luke was always gone, he agreed that you needed to get away from school and work and he needed time just the two of you with no distractions. While he was on tour just a few weeks ago, he had you plan the vacation, picking a beach house, dinners, and activities to do while gone. To say you were excited was an understatement. Luke seemed excited before, but now, he just seemed worried. You begin to pack, however, seeing as your flight left in the morning and unlike Luke, you hated waiting until the last minute to get everything ready.

Soon enough, an assortment of clothes lie piled on top of the bed. They ranged from sundresses to shorts and tank tops to swimming suits and even lingerie. You pick up the frilly pajama’s and blush as you tuck them under the other clothes. You’d have to be extra sneaky with those. Images of what could happen with them provoke your thoughts and send you daydreaming. A worried voice from the other side of the wall snaps you out of it, however.

Luke seems to be talking on the phone and from what you hear, you gather it’s to his older brother, Ben. “But I…. yes, I know and I did, but Ben…. yes.” All is quiet for a second and you shuffle around to make him think you weren’t listening in. It seemed to work because he continued where he left off, just quieter this time. “I don’t know where it went though, dammit! I set it down where it couldn’t be seen and now it’s gone!!” A shaky breath comes from Luke and you worry yourself. Was he okay? What was he talking about?

You shake off the feeling, reminding yourself to ask him later. You finish taking out the clothes and quickly get down on your hands and knees to dig out one of Luke’s many suitcases from under his bed. Your hands search blindly for one and you turn your head to get a better angle. Something sparkles off the sunlight streaming in from the window however, rainbows dancing from its various angles. Forgetting the bag, you reach for the shiny object instead, pulling it out from under the side of the bed and holding it close to your face as you kneel up. You gasp, taking in the gorgeous engagement ring and feel your stomach begin to twist in excitement. Was Luke going to propose?!

You twist it between your fingers, watching in awe as the sunlight dances off of it. A mixture of happiness and anticipation floods your body and you can’t help but continue to stare at the gorgeous piece of jewelry. You’re completely captivated by it until a low voice startles you from behind. “Oh shit,” Luke whispers, staring dumbfounded at you as you turn quickly around.

Calum: When you hear scuffling upstairs, you first begin to panic. If someone had broken in, what were you going to do? Fight and defend yourself? Let them steal everything? Run? Call Calum at band practice? Call the police? Millions of scenarios flood your terrified mind until you hear a whimper and realize it’s not an intruder, but the dog you and Calum had bought a few months ago. He begged you to let the two of you get one until you finally gave in and decided on a small lab. When he left for tour a few months after purchasing the pet, you were eternally grateful that Calum nagged you enough and you weren’t alone.

Shrek, as Calum had fondly named him, whined again from upstairs, snapping you back to reality, and pleading for help. You quickly make your way upstairs and begin your search in the bathroom, Shrek’s favorite resting spot. For some reason, he loved the soft, green rug in the bathroom floor. Whenever one of you got out of the shower, you’d have to always watch your steps because the dog could be found in your path most of the time.

 When he’s nowhere to be seen and you still hear his whimpers for you, you bolt to Calum’s “play” room next door, his guitars and assorted video games lining the walls. You turn towards the closet and see your dog’s furry ass sticking out of the closet and his golden tail wagging furiously. He moves to pull out of whatever he was caught to, but it just yanks him back into place and he whines again. If you hadn’t have been so worried about your panicked dog, the scene probably would’ve been funny, but you rush forward to help.

You carefully untangle him from one of Calum’s flannels, helping him wiggle his head out of the arm hole and pulling him into your embrace. Immediately, he begins attacking your face with him tongue, licking at any skin he could reach, including your mouth. You giggle before setting him down and watching as he scampers off. Your eyes flicker back to the spot he was stuck in just moments ago and something shiny underneath a pile of clothes catches your attention. You move your clothes to the side.

Your fingers skim the surface of the small and shiny box, lifting it from its covering of fabric and slowly, unsurely lift the lid. You gasp when you see the gold band tucked safely inside velvet, the diamond that lay atop of it as big as the tip of your finger. You stare in shock, hesitantly reaching out to touch the gorgeous ring and staring at it in awe, a grin slowly teasing your lips as realization hits. It’s an engagement ring. Calum was planning on proposing to you. He was going to ask you to marry him.

A squeal almost escapes your lips when you hear the front door open downstairs and Calum’s perky voice rings through the house. “Hey, darling! I’m home from practice!” You hear his bag thud against the floor and his footsteps heading towards the stairs. “Love? Where are you?”

“In here!” you call, quickly scrambling to put the lid back on and the box in place. Just as you toss the last shirt over it and run from the closet, Calum hesitantly steps inside. He cocks an eyebrow at you, his eyes nervously flickering towards the closet before regaining himself and smiling at you.

“Whatcha doing in here, love?” He takes a step to you, kissing your cheek and rushing you out of the room.

“Shrek ran in here so I came to get him out before he ruined anything.” He nods, turning to kiss your lips softer this time and you can see him visibly relax.

“Oh, well that’s not good. Let’s go downstairs though.” He smiles, not waiting for an answer, and veers you to the stairs, away from his room and away from the present that hid inside.

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